Sonlight Core A (Week 27)


I printed our “Letter Y” tracer page.

Parker listened to his Sing the Word “Letter Y” song.

The first day he traced his verse.  The following day I cut his verse apart and he glued it into his Bible lapbook.


We combined history and science in a fun musical activity.

Since we were learning about music around the world, I decided to make musical pipes with Parker.

I gathered rainbow colored straws and cut them as shown in the book. Parker added the smallest to the largest on the masking tape.

He had fun blowing into them. We listened to see which color (length) made the lowest and highest sounds.


Letter of the Week:

This week was all about the “letter G”. I added a couple of letter G songs to our Sonlight Core A playlist.

Parker worked on his HWOT activities.

General Grievous made it into Parker’s ABC lapbook.

We found a BUNCH of stickers starting with “G” too!

Vowel & Consonant Sorting:

Parker sorted his letters by vowels snd consonants.

Making Words:

After sorting his letters, I asked Parker to make one word for each vowel.

Parker made several difficult words, but his last was a DOOZY!!!

He surprised Mommy AND big brother with a multi-vowel “bison”!  Great job Parks!

Rhyme Time:

I created a set of Spring Rhyming Cards for Parker.

I set out one card for each word family and gave him the stack of remaining cards.

He did a great job sorting by word family!


Counting by Kite:

I gave the boys a Kite Roll and Count worksheet (The Measured Mom) and a dice to help “spice up” our math facts.

Parker rolled the dice, added that number to one of the numbers on his worksheet, and covered it with a colored gem.

Jordan rolled the dice, multiplied it to a number on the worksheet, and covered it with a colored gem.

Coin Match:

I brought out our coin recognition cards (Imagine Our Life) and had Parker set them up.

Parker worked on the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and one dollar bill.  After he put them together, we reviewed the name and value of each.


This week we caught up on some of our skill building activities. We’re currently studying Storm in the Night, so many of our activities are weather-themed.

Sew a Button:

I cut out a white and gray felt cloud and sewed eyes and a mouth.

I started sewing the button on our cloud and Parker took over.

Parker finished our little cloud’s button nose.

Mommy completed the gray side of our little cloud. He turned out so cute and quickly became a snuggling member of his plush family!

Finger Paint:

First we used various shades of orange and yellow crayons to make lightning bolts.

Next we squeezed blue, black and purple tempura paint and painted the stormy night sky.

Parker is NOT a fan of getting his hands dirty, but we found a way around it.   With gloves on his hands, he started his finger paint masterpiece!


It looked beautiful!

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