Sonlight Core A (Week 29)


Using our tracer page, Parker continued to memorize his “Letter Z” verse.

Trees Poem:

I printed the Trees booklet (livingworldsapart) for Parker to illustrate while memorizing Joyce Kilmer’s Trees poem.

He read it everyday.  The first day he drew the illustrations and the second day he colored his drawing.


Letter of the Week:

This week was all about the letter E.

Parks continued his HWOT letter activities.

He read through the letter E words in his Picture Dictionary.

He also added “E is for Emperor” to his ABC lapbook!

Green Eggs & Rhymes:

I created a Dr. Seuss inspired rhyming activity since Parker was reading Green Eggs and Ham.

I cut out construction paper green eggs and wrote words on them. I quickly drew rhyming pictures on a piece of white paper.

Parker read the word on the egg, found the matching rhyming picture, and used his dot paint to color it.

Picking Synonyms:

I printed a copy of our Picking Synonyms worksheet for Parker.  You can download your free copy at our TPT Store.

He used the flower word bank to find synonyms for the underlined adjectives. This was a good grammar review as well as writing practice.


Take me to the Zoo – Multiplying by TWOs:

Parker has been learning his doubles math facts during his math lessons, so I thought I would introduce the concept of mulitplication by TWOs.

We reviewed our doubles facts (e.g. 5+5=10) and showed that multiplying by two is the same (e.g. 5×2=10).  He wrote the answers and used the color code to paint the spots!



We read about trains and went to the side yard to demonstrate the need for ballast.

First we laid our wood piece on uneven rocky ground and it was VERY unstable as Jordan was MORE than happy to demonstrate!

Next,  I laid the wood piece on even ground and it was solid and sturdy.  We discussed how dangerous and disastrous it would be to lay tracks on uneven ground.  This was a great visual demonstration!

Fly Boys:

We decided to make paper airplanes while reading about flying in our Science Activities book.

We folded our paper airplanes as specified in the book.

We finished folding the planes and added red tails.

Once done, the boys practiced flying them making minor adjustments to the elevators and rudder.


3D Playdough Carrots:

I set out a 3D Carrot Tray with orange playdough, green pipe cleaner tops, and 3D shape cards.

The kids had fun shaping their playdough carrots.

They turned out adorable.  I’m sure the Easter Bunny would LOVE to get his paws on these!

Dyeing Easter Eggs:

Dyeing Easter eggs is a family tradition, but it was also one of Parker’s skill building exercises.  Though it was assigned a couple weeks back, it worked out best during our Easter weekend.

I cooked the eggs and set out our dyeing kit.

The kids helped Daddy mix the dyes in their cups.

Parker drew a face on his egg with a Sharpie.

They took turns dropping eggs into the dye. They even mixed dyes to make a beautiful shade of violet!

They turned out so bright and beautiful (we even tried a Porg Easter egg idea we found online….too cute!).

Happy Easter!

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