Sonlight Core A (Week 28)


I printed a copy of our “Z verse” tracer page.

Parker traced his verse while listening to the Sing the Word “Z verse” song.

The next day I cut apart his tracer page and he glued it in his Bible lapbook.


Letter of the Week:

This week we learned about the letter “Y”.

Parker worked on his HWOT letter activities.

We read through the list of “Y” words in his Picture Dictionary and came up with a few more.

We even added Yoda to his ABC lapbook! Any Star Wars character makes this Padawan learner happy!


Ramona’s Snack:

While reading Beezus and Ramona, we ate a snack just like Ramona and her family.

I gave Parker Fig Newmans and applesauce dusted with cinnamon.

He didn’t like the applesauce, but he LOVED the cookies!


I set out an alphabet worksheet (Little Monkey Printables) with some CVC pictures.

He picked a CVC card, found the letter with the same starting sound, and covered it with a gem.

Ducky Synonyms:

I cut out some duck and egg shapes and wrote synonyms on them.

Parker read each egg word and matched it with the duck synonyms.

Missing Vowels:

I printed a Fill in the Missing Vowel worksheet (Royal Baloo) for Parker to work on.

This was a challenging activity, because some of the vowel combinations were tricky. We worked on a couple of words together after he figured out the words he knew. He did a terrific job!

CVC Spelling Words:

I brought out our Sunny Days CVC words for Parker to work on.

He did a great job building the CVC words.

After he finished, I removed the starting letter and asked him to make new words using our magnetic words.


Shape Recognition Game:

I brought out our preschool shape matching game, covered the names with paper, and gave him a cup of gems.

Instead of matching the shapes to the shadow, I used it as a shape recognition activity. I called out the name of a shape and he placed a gem on it.


Microwave Mug Cakes:

This week we learned about microwave ovens. I found a cool mug cake science activity on youtube.

The kids watched the science video on our Sonlight Core A playlist.

The boys helped measure the ingredients. We had one controlled cake which was baked according to the recipe.

The remaining five cakes had a key ingredient left out to see AND taste how the absence of that ingredient affects the baking process.

I mixed and microwaved each mug cake and set them aside to cool.

As we observed and tasted each cake, we noticed some obvious differences while others looked & tasted slightly different.

The overall favorite was the cake where we substituted applesauce for oil.

This was a SUPER fun and yummy science activity!

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