Sonlight Core E – Constellation Inchies (Week 29)

Astronomy & Space Inchies Art Project:

I happened upon an art project referred to as “inchies” and thought it would be fun to incorporate this art phenomenon into Haley’s art repertoire.  The idea is to create 1 inch cubed “canvases” and combine them to create a larger squared project.

I set out a box of black construction paper “inchies”, constellation cards, and gel pens.  I told her to create as many or as little as she wanted as long as the entire art project was squared (art + astronomy + math = AWESOME).

She LOVED the idea, but decided that paint pens would be a better medium to work with.

She quickly decided to make this a 4 inch squared art project….so 16 constellation inchies coming right up!

We needed a contrasting backdrop, so we talked about making a galaxy background design.  Haley chose to work with chalk pastels on a sheet of black construction paper.


She carefully chose her colors to create a gorgeous galaxy scene.  Once she finished we sprayed the paper with hairspray and set it aside to dry.

We laid out her inchies and cut the background to fit.  She glued them down and we pressed the entire art project for several days.


It turned out really beautiful and she was SO happy with the final result!  This was a fun and creative activity to complete her astronomy unit!


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