Sonlight Core B (Week 3)


I printed the third verse of our Bible Tracer pack.

Parker traced and illustrated his Bible verse.

The next day we cut it apart, like a puzzle, and glued it in his Bible lapbook.


This week we focused our attention on China and the Unchurched/Unreached. I prepared a tray with our Chinese tea set and cookies.

The kids watched a few China mission clips on our Sonlight Core B playlist. While they sipped their tea.

Afterwards, they worked on their Chinese Numbers 1-10 worksheets.



I created an Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics worksheet for the kids to work on.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics - Crack the Code
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics Crack-The-Code FREEbie!

The boys LOVED this activity!  Later, Haley joined in on the fun!  This was a great worksheet….I will have to find and add more mummy jokes!


I made sausage mummies with eggs for breakfast. They turned out NOT as cute as I hoped, but they were fun!  The kids were SUPER excited!

They gobbled their edible history while we read Mummies! On our Epic app. This went perfectly with our A Child’s History of the World chapter.

Language Arts:

I Can Read:

I created a Roll, Read, & Cover activity sheet for parker to practice his word list.

Back to School Fun - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 3)

You can grab you copy FREE here at our TPT Store!

Parker loved rolling, reading, and dot-painting the words on his worksheet.  This made going through our word list more fun!


I created a Mix-It-Up Bag Worksheet for Parker to use this week during one of his phonics activities.

Build-a-Word Activity - Mix It Up Bag
Mix It Up Bag Build-a-Word Activity FREEbie!

You can purchase it here you can purchase at our TPT Store!

Parker used the letters to build words and write them on the lines provided.

Charlotte’s Web:

You know when you have those “clever” moments…I tried to make a window cling out of puffy paint.  It was old and the black oozed on both sides, but I still had hope it would turn out.  Nope….wouldn’t even peel off the dry erase pocket.

Oh well…I taped it behind the barn as a backdrop…and the kids LOVED it!

Jordan started his next FIAR book, Three Names, which is set on a farm in the prairie.  So this week we gave our Story Sensory Bin a country farm makeover!  Perfect for both Three Names AND Charlotte’s Web.

Parks and I learned about orb lines and found “making them” helped bring our vocabulary words to life as we wove Charlotte’s web with masking tape.

It may not have glistened with dew, but it was pretty cool in the early morning light!

Language & Thinking:

We update our Core curriculum each year, but some of the “old books” are still favorites and therefore NOT abandoned!

Henny Penny:

I remember reading Henny Penny from Language and Thinking with Haley.  I relished those early school memories.

I walked down memory lane as I read it to Parker.  He illustrated many of the characters and he wrote numbers to represent their entrance in the story line!

The Three Bears:

I set out our Bears Dress-up Puzzle on Learning Lane.  The boys were SUPER excited to play with it.

Parker dressed the three bears while I read the story out loud.



I love studying the lifecycle of butterflies.  This part of the post is a walk down memory lane.  We have been studying lifecycles for years now!  Want to know why?

Our daughter Haley ADORES butterflies!  She has since she was two!  She caught her first caterpillar, named it Pinky, built it a home with a sign, and the rest was history!


I’m happy to report She STILL loves caterpillars and butterflies!

This is her garden box that she STRICTLY reserves for flowers that attract and feed butterflies!

Every spring, we select plants that help create a butterfly oasis in our side yard.

This time of year, we can flip over leaves on our passionflower vine and find Gulf Fritillary butterflies!

We captured some and fortunately had two stages in our mason jar!

So after reading about them in science, we went to the kitchen for a closer look.  Science you can see and touch is AWESOME!


We continued to read about magnets in our Science Activities, Vol. 1 book, I brought out our magnet kit and we did a few of the experiments from the book.

This was a short week, but we managed to pack in quite a bit of learning fun!

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