A Long Way to a New Land – Making Bread

The Long Way to a New Land:

Jordan LOVES reading his Sonlight Core D readers!  I think I heard the Hallelujah Chorus when I just said that….reading has always been more of a chore (honestly, I was like that as a kid), but he’s been excited to read each book about Carl Erik!

The Long Way to a New Land was a smashing hit!  Jordan LOVED the story of Carl Erik as he and his family emigrated from Sweden to the United States of America during the “hunger years” (1868-1869).

He couldn’t believe Carl ate bitter bread made with moss and tree bark.  He even shared the story with his brother and sister!  LOVE that he’s reading AND retaining!!!

Making Bread:

Since Jordan loves working in the kitchen, it seemed perfect to pair this book with making homemade bread.

Jordan measured all the ingredients and poured them in our bread maker pan.

He did a GREAT job with VERY little instruction from Mom. 😉

He set it in the bread maker and waited as patiently as any eight year old boy could!

It turned out delicious and beautiful!  He was SO proud!

Jordan was THRILLED when Carl came to America and enjoyed his first taste of wheat bread and butter!  So of course we HAD to eat a slice with butter too!

He used his bread to make sandwiches for the family!  Yum…a truly delicious book pairing! ❤️

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