Sonlight Core B (Week 2)


I printed the second verse of our Bible Tracer pack.

Parker traced and illustrated his Bible verse.

The next day we cut it apart, like a puzzle, and glued it in his Bible lapbook.

Leading Little Ones:

After reading our Bible passage, we took a walk outside to help us understand the psalmist’s inspiration.

We closed our eyes and listened to the sound of sweet chirping of birds, felt the morning sun on our backs, and enjoyed the gentle breeze.  Our GREAT God created ALL of these!

We looked at the flowers, fruits, and vegetables growing in our garden.  The boys picked dandelions and blew the seeds into the air.

We found one of our sunflowers heavy laden with seeds.

We picked some, tasted them, and thanked God for this tasty snack!

It’s hard to believe that this tiny seed grows into a beautiful LARGE sunflower!  Only GOD can do that!


This week we focused our attention on India and the Hindu religion.

I served eggs with naan and decaf chai for breakfast.  We talked about how God wants to reach ALL people.

Language Arts:

I Can Read:

I created a Roll, Read, & Cover activity sheet for parker to practice his word list.

Apple Trees - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 2)
I Can Read Lesson #2 – Apple Tree Fun Roll, Read, & Cover Worksheet

You can grab you copy FREE here at our TPT Store!

Parker loved rolling, reading, and dot-painting the words on his worksheet.  This made going through our word list more fun!


I grabbed some Blue Reading Cards (The Helpful Garden) and quickly drew some apples on a blank sheet of paper with vowels in each.

Parker said each word, listened for the middle vowel sound, and colored the apple with the same vowel.

I created a Picking Apples Short Vowel Sounds pack you can purchase at our TPT Store!

Charlotte’s Web:

I sketched a picture of Charlotte and added it to Parker’s lapbook.

He color-coded the parts of the spider and Charlotte turned out adorable.

Label Charlotte - Parts of the Spider Worksheet
Parts of the Spider Label Charlotte Worksheet



I created a Parts of the Spider – Label Charlotte worksheet with the sketch I made.  You can grab your FREE copy here!  There’s also a simplified version here at our TPT Store.

Days of the Week:

Mother Robin's Days of the Week Pack

I read Mother Goose’s Days of the Week poem and printed a worksheet from our Mother Robin’s Days of the Week pack.

Parker worked on spelling the days of the week and putting them in order.


Since we were reading about animals, I thought it would be fun to bring out some animal activities for the boys to work on.


The kids prepared their own lunch, since we were talking about the different types of eaters (carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore).

Nice sandwiches boys! Looks like it’s an omnivorous lunch . 😉

What Eater Am I?

I brought out our Animal cards (The Helpful Garden).

The boys took turns picking a card and guessing what type of eater the animal was. This was really fun!

What’s My Snack?

I collected some candy and quickly sketched a worksheet for the boys to record their predictions.

They listened (M&Ms in a bag), smelled (Reeses), felt (Candy Corn), and tasted (Sour Patch Kids).

Classifying Animals:

Animal World Sorting Map
Animal Classification Mat

I brought out our animal classification mat from last year (Sonlight Core A) and a bunch of animal figures.

The boys took turns grouping the animals.  Click here to grab the FREEbie Animal Classification Mat!

Animal Skin Match:

I brought out our Animal Skin Match cards (The Montessori Print Shop) and the matching animal figures.

The boys took turns matching the animals to their skins.

Magnets Attract:

After reading about magnets in our Science Activities, Vol. 1 book, I brought out our new magnet kit and EVERYONE joined in on the fun!

The kids kept playing with this kit after school….so happy we can strive to make learning fun!

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