Sonlight Level G – Chocolate Rock Lab

I found this fun rock cycle experiment (Twinkl) and thought it would compliment Haley’s science unit this week.

I set out the necessary supplies and Haley started shaving the chocolate into piles.

Sedimentary Rocks:

We layered the three chocolates in our foil packet. Then we added pressure by hitting it with our fists.

The pressure made the shavings stick together, forming a sedimentary-type rock.

Metamorphic Rock:

We layered chocolate shavings in the next foil packet. This time we pounded it, pressed it between our hands, and squeezed it in our palms.

The pressure and heat helped created a metamorphic-type rock.

Igneous Rock:

We took the rest our chocolate shavings and layered them in our last foil packet. we placed it in a ziplock bag to make it waterproof.

We held it under boiling hot water for a minute or so. It was melted and oozing.

We placed it in an ice-cold bath to help it harden.

The intense heat then cold created an igneous-type rock. This was SO cool and yummy!

We served it over ice cream! Edible science is ALWAYS a hit!

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