Sonlight Level D (Week 26)



Since we didn’t have a Bible verse assigned this week, we continued to memorize Sea Fever by John Masefield.

The boys continued to trace and memorize Sea Fever.

The “sea fever” was so bad, the boys even tinted their water blue!


Lewis & Clark:

We continued our adventure with Lewis and Clark. I created a new lapbook/notebook printable.

You can purchase your copy of the Lewis and Clark – Ready for Adventure – Exploration Extraordinaire.

The boys worked on their inserts all week long. It’s been fun learning about Lewis and Clark this year.


5th Grade:

Grammar Ace:

This week Jordan and I reviewed prefixes and suffixes in his Grammar Ace notebook.


This week we reviewed state abbreviations. I created a state abbreviation worksheet set. For the kids to work on.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The kids tried to write all the matching states to their abbreviations. They even color-coded their location.


This week, Jordan was reviewing homophones. I printed a page from our Early Bird’s Grammar Garden Homographs, Homonyms, & Homophones pack.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.

I wrote matching homophones on paper and stuck them inside our Easter Eggs. Jordan opened them, found the matching homophone, and colored it on the worksheet.

3rd Grade:

Grammar Grab Bag:

I created a Dr. Seuss themed Grammar Grab Bag (GGB). Our pictures don’t match the printable for purchase, because I updated our version with Easter clipart.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


I printed Parker’s spelling cards, letter tiles, and spelling mat (in GGB).

First, we practiced spelling a word with a dipthong or a digraph.

As I read each spelling word, Parker located it on his worksheet and wrote a rhyming word next yo it.

Easter Egg Rhymes:

I set out our Easter basket words and Parker matched each with an Easter egg rhyme.

Parker matched the eggs with the rhyming basket.

Afterward, Parker used his Easter egg cards to find and color each rhyming pair on his worksheet (in GGB).


We updated our shelf with Easter and spring themed books.

Parker picked a few fun books to read this week.



We reviewed numerators, denominators, and compared various fractions.


TOPs Corn & Beans:

We started our TOPs Corn and Beans unit this week.


Parker and I created his scale. We had to add several pieces of tape to get it to balance.

Pole Planter:

Parker and I built our pole planter together.

Activity Mat:

We wrapped up our TOPs unit by creating our deli tub and activity mat.

Radish Update:

After a week or so, I’m happy to report that some of our radish sprouts are still alive. We’ll see if they make it!

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