The Boxcar Children (Ch 13)


This chapter marked the end of our first Beyond Five in a Row unit, or chapter book in volume 5. We loved our time rowing The Boxcar Children. It’s such a wonderful story about the Alden family.

Jordan and I have been reading The Boxcar Children Beginning together at night. It’s bitter-sweet, because it portrays the happy life with their parents before they were orphaned.


Character Lessons:

Jordan continued reading through the FIAR Bible and character lessons. We split up the remaining scripture verses over the rest of the week.

Memory Verse:

Jordan memorized 2 Corinthians 9:15 while rowing this chapter.


A Rail Car in Your Backyard:

As we spoke about repurposing rail cars, I remembered visiting an inn in Yountville, California made entirely of old railcars.

We watched this clip from our Boxcar Playlist.

A Portrait of the Aldens:

Since most portraits are captured on film, we read about the history of photos and cameras in the Usborne Book of Knowledge.

Afterwards, Jordan sketched the Alden family using various cartoon styles. This activity was a welcome brain break for Bub.

Making Friends – Learning About Their Interests:

Bub has a great group of young friends at church. They enjoy seeing each other during class and every Friday night at youth group. Since we were studying friendship, I thought it would be great for him to find out a little more about them.

I put a polling activity on his “check-off” list for that day. He LOVED this idea. In fact, he decided to use his “friend text thread” to poll everyone.

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This link directs you to our TPT store to download FREEbie and purchase our printables for this row.

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