Sonlight Level F (Week 14)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse pack for Galatians 5:22-23.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, Parker traced his Bible verse.

On Tuesday, Parker cut and pasted his Bible verse in his Bible notebook. He practiced it and recited it from memory earlier in the week.

Character Lessons:

We continued our Kids of Integrity Christmas lessons this week.

Day 9: A Lesson in Righteousness

We read about Joseph and the choices he made to honor God. When we honor God our righteousness shines bright in the darkness.

Parker added a star on our tree as a symbol of shining brightly for Christ.

Over the weekend, Jordan and I put up some Christmas lights. This was a visual reminder to be lights in the darkness.

Day 10: A Lesson in Acceptance

We read the story of Zacchaeus. Jesus wasn’t afraid to sit and eat with sinners. He met them where they were at. We talked about Charlie Brown’s Christmas movie. Charlie Brown wasn’t accepted by his friends and it affected him.

We watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas while wrapping Christmas presents. Parker added a little Charlie Brown tree ornament on our Christmas tree.

Day 11: A Lesson in Compassion

We read about Jesus feeding the thousands. We talked about how he felt compassion for them.

Little Women at Christmas seemed like the perfect book to read after this Bible lesson. The March sisters brought their special Christmas breakfast to a needy immigrant family near-by. The joy they felt helping that sick mother and her hungry little children was a treasure they would never forget.

This story brings me to tears every time. Oh, to have a selfless abandon, a heart of compassion not just at Christmas, but everyday of the year.

Day 12: A Lesson in Contentedness

We read the birth of Christ in Luke 2. We focused on the setting of his birth. Jesus’s life started with a humble beginning. Mary and Joseph laid him in a manger, a feeding trough for animals.

We discussed contentment and the ability to focus on what we have, not what we want. Greed and discontentment go hand-in-hand. They are a dangerous duo and can wreak havoc if left unchecked.

Jordan was just learning about Charles Booth, the founder of The Salvation Army. This time of year, you can see them standing in front of stores ringing their bells. Giving to others is a wonderful way to shift our focus off ourselves.

Operation Christmas Child is another wonderful program. Everyone took turns building a box online. We’ve heard so many wonderful testimonials from children around the world.


Christmas in Russia:

This week we wrapped up our Christmas in Russia unit, because we finished Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? last week.

We read from our Encyclopedia of Christmas. As I read aloud, Parker completed his Research Notes (Little Red).

Parks also finished his Christmas in Russia worksheets (Little Red).



Our reading shelf was decked out with variations of The Nutcracker as well as some other Christmas treasures.


We recently switched from The Night Journey to The Turning. My daughter LOVED this book when she was in 5th grade.

Parker and I thoroughly enjoyed this story. We’re about half-way through and can’t wait to finish it when we return from Christmas break.

Creative Writing:

I hijacked another creative writing assignment this week. Parker was learning about movie adaptations of books while studying The Nutcracker.

We took a few days to read the original story, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. This was a bit darker than the classic, but it had interesting moments. It’s definitely not the sweet story we’re all so familiar with.

We read many picture book variations of the story.

We recently read A Christmas Carol together. The boys fell in love with this classic story.

Afterwards, we watched Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

Parker did a review of the movie adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol. We added it in his creative writing sketchbook.


Birthday Bash:

This week, we celebrated Parker’s 11th birthday. We started the day with a special breakfast, dinner at CPK, and a special Cookie Monster cake decorated by his big brother!

Christmas Party:

Sugarplum Cookies:

Parker and I made sugarplum cookies for our Christmas party.

I made a “Land of Sweets” spread with cookies, candies and savory snacks.

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