2016-2017 School Curriculum

Third Grade – First Grade – Preschool

August 2016 Post from the Past:NOTE: Pictures, in this post, were obtained directly from Sonlight and may reflect newer curriculum packages rather than those used during the 2016-2017 school year.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Intro to American History I (Core D):

This fall, Haley will enter third grade, Jordan will be in first grade and Parker will continue his preschool education. Last year we homeschooled Haley and Jordan together using the Sonlight Core C package; however, we quickly realized that certain subjects needed more hands-on activities to keep Jordan engaged. We added more activities to keep Jordan engaged while reading aloud our history and separated their science with grade-appropriate books. This year, Sonlight offered a “Hands on to History” activity package that is used along-side the Core D curriculum. Hopefully, this will keep our little guy more engaged during history. This is a learning journey that we keep modifying as we go from year to year. We will continue to homeschool Haley and Jordan together, as much as possible; however, I find that Jordan benefits more with the Five in a Row (FIAR) approach to learning. Since Jordan is between both programs, he will have the advantage of participating in both activities. We look forward to this coming year and hope to learn more as we grow.

BEFORE FIVE IN A ROW (BFIAR) – Preschool Curriculum:

Everyone really enjoyed participating in Parker’s preschool program. The books and activities were lovely, to say the least. We had so much fun and will continue to include everyone as much as possible.



Haley will use the Core D readers as well as the Core D language arts for spelling and grammar lessons.

Jordan will use the first grade readers and language arts package for spelling and grammar lessons.

Handwriting without Tears:

In addition to the grammar components of the Core D program, Haley will be using HWOT (Handwriting without Tears) Level 3 – Cursive Handwriting book.

Jordan will be using the HWOT (Handwriting without Tears) Level 1 book.


Horizon Math:

This year, we decided to try the Saxon Math program. Haley will be using the third grade book and Jordan will be using the first grade book.


Haley will be using Sonlight’s third grade science program included in the Core D pack. Jordan will use Haley’s first grade science in the Core B pack.

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