2017-2018 School Curriculum

Fourth Grade – Second Grade – Kindergarten

August 2017 Post from the Past:

NOTE: Pictures, in this post, were obtained directly from Sonlight and may reflect newer curriculum packages rather than those used during the 2017-2018 school year.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Intro to American History II (Core E):

This fall, Haley will enter fourth grade, Jordan will be in the second grade and Parker will start Kindergarten. Last year, we homeschooled Haley and Jordan together using the Sonlight Core D package; however, we began to notice that Sonlight’s program was not working well for him. Each year, we learn a little more on our learning journey. It’s important to pay attention to signs that your child isn’t learning to his or her potential. Haley showed signs that she needed to start working more independently while Jordan showed signs that curriculum we used with his sister wasn’t working for him. After much prayer, we decided to switch Jordan to the FIAR (Five in a Row) curriculum. Hopefully, this will challenge him while keeping his learning experience fun and engaging. This year, Haley will use the Sonlight Core E program.

FIVE IN A ROW (FIAR) Curriculum:

Jordan will be starting his FIAR journey using the books from level 1. There are so many wonderful lessons that we plan on taking our time while rowing each book. Everyone really enjoyed participating in Parker’s BFIAR program, that we will continue to include everyone as much as possible.

SOCIAL STUDIES – Intro to World Cultures (Core A):

Parker will be using the Sonlight Intro to World Cultures (Level A) program. We ordered the updated version since Sonlight made a few changes since we used it with Haley.



Haley will use the Core E readers and language arts for spelling and grammar lessons.

Jordan will use the second grade readers and language arts 2 package for spelling and grammar lessons.

Handwriting without Tears:

Haley will continue her cursive handwriting lessons with HWOT (Handwriting without Tears) book 4.

Jordan will be using the HWOT (Handwriting without Tears) Level 2 book.

Parker will be using the HWOT (Handwriting without Tears) Level K book.


Horizon Math:

Last year, we decided to try the Saxon Math program. It didn’t not work for our family. This year, we decided to use the Singapore Math program.

Haley will be using the Primary mathematics 4 books.

Jordan will be using the Primary Mathematics 2 books.

Parker will using the Kindergarten Mathematics bundle.


Haley will be using Sonlight’s fourth grade science program included in the Core E pack.

Parker will be using Sonlight’s kindergarten science program included in the Core A pack. Jordan will use the FIAR science lessons as his main curriculum; however, he may join Parker in some science activities.

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