Caps For Sale

Sensory Bin

The kids were really excited to start rowing (studying)  Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina.  I was feeling inspired, so I made little felt hats and a white tree, collected bananas from our Learning Resources super sorting pie, and gathered various toys/items to match with our vocabulary cards from our Caps for Sale preschool pack (homeschoolcreations).   I left the sensory bin out Sunday evening so they would see it first thing Monday morning.  The kids were ecstatic and dove right in.


EmotionsThe peddler lost his temper with those naughty little monkeys.  This part of the story allowed us to talk about our emotions, how it’s normal to feel angry about some things, but it’s WHAT we do in our anger that really matters.  We brought out our Emotions play dough kids (Life Over C’s), discussed how it’s best to talk about our feelings when we’re angry, Pray and ask God to help us, and never yell or say things we’ll regret in a fit of emotion.  We went over our memory verse, “When you are angry, do not sin.” Ephesians 4:26.  This was a great lesson on controlling our tempers….the kids still talk about it today.

Language Arts

We worked on on our vocabulary words from our Caps for Sale preschool pack.  Parker loved matching the items to the cards.  We did this activity many times.  He also worked on sorting uppercase and lowercase letters.  We often have this activity with Jordan’s Kindergarten letter of the week.  The kids had their busy work packs to work on various language arts, math, science, and other skill building activities.



We continued our coin recognition by matching our toy coins to our coin printables (see my Pinterest board below).  We worked on patterns, sorting, matching, and counting skills using various cap and monkey-themed materials.

The older kids did a special “Design a Cap” project, where they designed a line of caps, and marketed their product to friends and family members.  They wrote down their orders on a special form, calculated totals, and sent out invoices.  This was a HUGE hit!  This activity will be listed in my FREEBIES soon.


Monkey Business

We updated our animal habitat booklet and focused on our naughty little monkeys.  We read and Usborne Monkeys book, watched a few zoo clips about monkeys, made a fun monkey out of a TP roll, and the older kids added monkey-themed materials to their lapbooks.

Going Bananas

We did a fun little banana science experiment to determine the best possible place to store our bananas so they don’t ripen too soon.  We took a moment to work on some practical life skills with a banana cutting tray.  The kids really enjoyed this; however, my daughter didn’t really care for the ripe banana smell :).  We used our cut bananas to make a really yummy smelling banana play dough recipe.  The kids loved playing with this dough day after day….it smelled just like banana bread.  I stored mine in a ziplock, but keep a tiny opening since this dough has a bit of an off gas and may pop your bag.


We read quite a few tree books and went on several nature walks, exploring trees, leaves, and inspecting tree rings.  We studied the various parts of a tree and the kids played with a felt tree puzzle I made.  They also labeled the various parts of a tree using a play dough mat I created.  The older kids had fun adding various leaves and tree facts to their lapbooks.

Other Fun Activities

We made little construction paper monkeys, yummy monkey tails (chocolate covered frozen bananas), and fanSTACHEtic handlebar mustaches.  This was a really fun row, full of great lessons, and plenty of fun memories!

Check out my Caps For Sale youtube playlist here and my Caps For Sale Pinterest board here.


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