Harvest Moon Craftivity!

This mobythelightoftheharvestmoon-bookcovernth we’ve chosen to study Harvest and Autumn alongside our Sonlight curriculum, while rowing Goodnight Moon.  I tried to come up with a theme that would weave it all together, thus Harvest Moon was born.

While searching for related picture books, I found By the Light of the Harvest Moon by Harriet Ziefert.  This was a whimsical picture book that takes place on a farm (I love Autumn on farms).  I decided to pair this reading with a craftivity.


I created a “Leaf Person” writing prompt for this activity and printed a copy for each child.  I laid out a sheet of blue construction paper for the night sky and an orange circle for our harvest moon.  I placed a center box full of paper leaves, twigs, and pumpkins.  I love laying out an “Invitation to craft”.  The kids get excited to see what’s in store for that day.

allkidsharvestmoonAfter reading By the Light of the Harvest Moon with the kids, we discussed that the “harvest moon” is really the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox, when daytime hours and nighttime hours are equal.  The illustrations in this book were whimsical and fun!  We wanted to jump right into the story.  The kids started finding themselves among the leaf children.

The kids knew it was time to start the craft.  They ran into the other room with giggles and glee….SO fun!  With a quick instruction to create their own leaf person, they immediately got to work!

Once they glued on their harvest moon and created their leaf person, they were ready to put on their imagination caps and start writing.  Each child had a different take on the story, but they all turned out adorable.

Perhaps, you’d like to make your own leaf person.  Grab your FREE Leaf Person craftivity at my TPT store!

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