I Am An Artist

I Am An Artist seemed like the perfect book to study in November.  I love studying God’s creation during Autumn.

The colors of Autumn are AMAZING!!!  I wove our Fall, Leaves, and Thanksgiving printables throughout our study of this book.


This was an AWESOME book to read inside, but we LOVED reading it outside!

I created a printable pack and many FREEbies available in our TPT store.


I created a Bible printable pack for this book.  You can download your FREE copy here.

Parker worked on his Bible verse puzzle throughout this row.


We chose to study thankfulness since we were rowing this book during November.

Scare Away Ingratitude:

Mr. Scarecrow recently joined our classroom.  He was our kick-off craft for the Kids of Integrity Thankfulness lesson.

He’s a constant reminder to count our blessings.  When we feel like grumbling or complaining, we say “go to Mr. Scarecrow!”.  We can read the verse on his heart and remember to GIVE THANKS!!!!

Language Arts:

Vocabulary Words:

I added a set of vocabulary words in our printable pack.

You can purchase the entire pack here or just the vocabulary pack.

Parker worked on tracing the letters for each vocabulary word.

Haley used the blank tracer page to spell each vocabulary word.

Story Sensory Box:

I created a Sensory Story Box for this book.  I filled our bin with corn and I added our vocabulary cards, items to match each vocabulary word, and scattered shells and leaves.


I love when we found the maple seeds in our box.  The “what is that??” look is PRICELESS….

Parker had fun working on the vocabulary words during this row.


I found him lining up shells under the trampoline after matching his vocabulary words….this was too funny NOT to post 🙂


I included a few phonics activities in our I Am An Artist Printable Pack.


I slipped our starting sound clip cards into a dry erase pocket and gave him a cup of bingo markers.  Parker marked all the starting sounds.


I gave him the starting sound worksheet and he placed all the letters on the pictures with the same starting sound.  He did a great job!


We also worked on a cute apple themed syllable activity from Royalbaloo.



I created a Complete the Pattern Worksheet for Parker to work on.

You can download it here for FREE!

Parker completed all the patterns.

After he completed each pattern we reviewed the type of pattern (i.e. pinecone, orange, pinecone, orange is an AB pattern and tree, cloud, cloud, tree, cloud, cloud is an ABB pattern, etc.).

NOT Just Fun & Games:

There are so many activities that can really help kids think more critically.  I included some of these types of puzzles/games in our printable pack.

Shadow Matching:

The Shadow Match activity is included in the pack, but it’s also a FREEbie!

You can download your FREE copy here!

Parker matched each item to the matching shadow.

Parker also worked on our Leaf Shadow Match file folder game (preschoolmom.com).


The printable pack also includes an easy, medium, and hard level sudoku activity.

I added this game to our Learning Lane for Parker and the other kids to work on.  He LOVED it!  Another little math mind (like daddy).

 Which One Is Different?:

I added two versions of a Which One Is Different? Worksheet in the pack, but I didn’t capture either (oh well).

Parker worked on a leaf-themed Which is Different? worksheet (2teachingmommies) and a fall-themed Which One Is Different? worksheet (3dinosaurs).


I created a Plant and Seed sorting activity in our printable pack.

Parker sorted through the pictures of plants and seeds.


Parker also worked on a beautiful color sorting (In My World) activity that we downloaded for FREE!

Basic Math Operations:


We also worked on putting leaves (3 dinosaurs) in order from smallest to largest and vice versa.


We brought out our apple erasers and apple counting cards (not sure where I found them or I’d give credit).  Parker did a great job counting and placing the correct number of apples on each tree.


I brought out our fall shape cards and Parker matched the shape name cards as well as the shape buttons.

The kids also worked on some fall themed math worksheets.  You can download our Fall Division Worksheethere for FREE!


 Lil’ Leaf Lab:


We read several books about leaves on our Epic app.

We went on a nature walk to collect leaves of all sizes, colors, and shapes.  The kids put their leaves in a bucket and took it back to the classroom.


I set up a special Mr. Scarecrow’s Leaf Lab with leaf buckets (buckets full of the leaves they collected on our walk) along with an “All About My Leaf” worksheet (Mrs. Jones Creation Station) as well as a “Leaf Graphing”  worksheet (Life Over c’s).


The kids graphed all their leaves by color.

They each picked a special leaf and completed their “All About My Leaf” worksheet.

The kids did leaf rubbings after writing about their special leaf.

Parts of the Leaf:

I added our Montessori leaf puzzle in Learning Lane.


Parker LOVED putting this puzzle together over and over again.

I brought out our Parts of the Leaf nomenclature cards (The Helpful Garden) and we went over the various parts of the leaf.


I gave him the leaf labels and he placed them over the parts of the leaf.


And we couldn’t study leaves without jumping in our own leaf piles.


We started our study of trees with a tree-shaped fruit & veggie snack plate.

I brought out our Tree Montessori Puzzle and added it to our Learning Lane.

Parker and I reviewed the parts of the tree with our Tree Nomenclature Cards (The Helpful Garden).

The kids took turns working on The Four Seasons Tree (The Helpful Garden).


We started our apple lesson over Apple Breakfast cake.

We read See It Grow Apple and brought out our Apple Lifecycle Cards (The Helpful Garden).

All three kids took turns putting the cards in order.

Haley also worked on our Parts of the Apple cards (ABCTeach.com).

FYI – The Helpful Garden has beautiful Parts of the Apple Cards you can download for free, but I didn’t have felt apple pieces to match with those.

Arts, Crafts, & Fun Stuff:

Beach Combing:

Grandpa took us to the beach in the summer time and we found some seaside treasures.  I’ve included this adventure now, because the beach and sea shells are part of this lovely picture book!

We piled in the car and set off for our ocean adventure….beach combing!

The kids were SO excited after reading all about beaches when we rowed Kittens for Keeps (Golden Step Ahead Beginning)Kittens For Keeps.

It was freezing when we arrived, but not even the cold weather could dampen our spirits.

They walked across the beach collecting shells, wood pieces, and other treasures.

After collecting our treasures, we stopped to have a snack 🙂

We couldn’t get too close to the tide pools, but we did see the strength and beauty of the ocean.

Afterwards, we stopped for hot clam chowder.  The kids LOVED our adventurous day!

These were memories we would cherish FOREVER!  As for our ocean treasures?  We set them aside for such a time as this…

Nature Boxes:

I brought out some Melissa and Doug boxes I saved and added the sea treasures to their buckets of leaves, twigs, and other cool things.

Haley and Parker both chose to color their wood boxes before putting their boxes together.

I heated up our low-temperature glue guns so the kids could create their own natural inspirations by themselves.  I was with them in case they needed assistance.


They were so proud of their natural creations.  We placed them on the shelf in their bedrooms so they could see them and remember our time rowing this wonderful book!

Crayon-Resist Watercolor Leaves:

We read Leaves by David Ezra Stein and did a crayon-resist watercolor art project.


In addition to their bucket of leaves, I gave them each a plain sheet of paper, a pencil, some crayons, and watercolors.


The kids traced several of their leaves on the paper.


They added crayon details to their leaf outlines and painted the rest with watercolor.

Sidewalk Art:

Feeling inspired, we went outside with our imaginations and a box of sidewalk chalk.

img_0436The kids created colorful sidewalk drawings.


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