Grade 2: Suffixes, Verbs, and Similes (Week 2)

Jordan is in second grade and we’ve started something new this year!  We’re using FIAR (Five in a Row) as his main curriculum along with Sonlight’s 2nd grade Language Arts, Math, and Reading programs.  So many of the activities we do for our second grader will be a Sonlight-FIAR fusion 😉

This week’s Language Art pages covered suffixes, verbs, and similes.  Since we’re rowing (studying) Lentil, I’ve tried to tie the two together (which he LOVES!!!).

My Suffix Train

First, I found a train and caboose template, cut out ten of each, stacked, and stapled them together.  We glued them to half a sheet of blue construction paper and used our foam letters to spell out “My Suffix Train”.

img_4674-1Next, I gave him his spelling words on a notecard and we reviewed them together, color coding the root words  (yellow) and suffixes (green).  He quickly caught on and completed the color-coding himself.

Last, he copied all ten words correctly to his suffix train.  He LOVED how I tied in Colonel Carter with the “Help” message below!

Lentil Verb Hunt

I made a Lentil Verb Hunt worksheet for Bub to work on.  First, I collected a list of verbs from Lentil, drew several stars, and wrote one of the verbs in each star.

Next, we read the list of verbs and I instructed him to color each star as he heard the word read aloud.

Later, he watched a School House Rock video about VERBS from our Sonlight Core A playlist.   He LOVES School House Rock….we LOVE when they LOVE learning 🙂

Ice Cream Similes

The whole town of Alto enjoyed ice cream at the end of the story, so we chose to focus on this tasty treat while discussing similes.  I found some great inspiration from stepintosecondgrade’s blog.

I found an ice cream template on pinterest and cut out the shapes with colored construction paper.  Jordan wanted his scoops to be vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.

img_4719Jordan glued his cone together and used sticker letters to form “simile” on the left and “Like” and “as” on the right.  I instruction him to write in between the sticker words so his paper would read, “similes are short phrases that use words like or as to compare things”.

img_4728Lastly, he added 3 similes to describe ice cream in rounded flaps I cut out by hand.  His similes were “cold as ice”, “sweet as candy”, and “yummy as an orange”.  Later, he watched a couple of videos about similes from our Sonlight Core A playlist.


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