Sonlight Core E – The Gold Rush (Week 2)

Haley’s currently reading The Great Horn Spoon and The Turkey Walk which both take place during the California Gold Rush.

I wanted to add a few “fun moments” along the way and found some wonderful resources at

I printed several worksheets and slipped them in here and there.  We also combined her Grammar “verb charades” to include a pioneer theme which all of the kids enjoyed!

I purchased a cute Turkey Flip Book on TPT, but we used it as a lapbook insert instead.  I placed a couple of activities in her binder each day so she was able to work on it over time.

Using our “What Would You Bring?” worksheet and a paper suitcase insert from a free Thanksgiving lapbook, Haley packed her virtual bag and headed west!

I also added some fun turkey clips to our Sonlight Core E playlist!  Check it out often, because it’s growing each week.

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