Vikings (Sonlight Core A – Week 5)

This week we learned about Vikings.  This was really fun for Jordan.  We used our world map to see where they originated from.

By the end of the week, the boys could remember two of the three counties (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway).


We learned about Viking clothing and focused specifically on how they made wool clothing.

The men cut the wool, the women washed, carded, and spun it into yarn.  We read From Sheep to Sweater.  

I brought out our Where They Come From (Sheep/Wool) cards by The Helpful Garden and a wool sample for them to touch.

Fierce Warriors:

We read how the Viking men were fierce warriors.  We decided to make a Viking shield for Jordan’s stuffed bear.

I cut out a circle from cardboard and he painted it brown.  Once dry, he used paint pens to add silver and gold details.

The Longhouse:

We read all about Viking longhouses and decided to make our own longhouse using craft sticks, pipe cleaners, and poster board.

First, Jordan built the foundation by glueing craft sticks to a piece of poster board.

Next, we added a frame with craft sticks and pipe cleaners.

We added cardboard walls with brown pen to mimic wood slats.

We bent cardboard to lay over the top and colored it yellow, gold, and tan.

Last, we spread gold and brown glitter glue and cut yellow tissue paper shreds to look like straw thatch.

It turned out really cool (still need to hot glue it down once it dries)!  This project made my little builder SUPER happy!

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