Sonlight Core A (Week 14)


David & Goliath:

Who doesn’t love the story of a small shepherd boy taking on a giant warrior? David and Goliath is one of our family’s favorite Bible stories.

After reading the story, the boys colored a stick puppet printable I found.We glued the puppets to cardboard tubes and set them up like a carnival game. Parker tossed “stones” (pom-poms) at Goliath and the beast went DOWN!!!Another Bible story come to life!

Memory Verse:

Parker listened to the “Letter N” verse from his Sing the Word CD, traced his Bible Memory verse using our N-T Bible Verse Printable Pack.


This week is all about the letter “C”.  We added several letter “C” songs to our Core A Playlist.

Parker worked on building his letter “C” with the HWOT wood pieces.  Since we’re already in the Christmas spirit, we brought out our red and green gems to decorate it!

We added a “C is for Captain Phasma” page to our ABC notebook too!


I created a Christmas CVC pack and we used it to practice starting, middle, and ending sounds.

I started out by giving him the letters to build the CVC word, but he quickly said he wanted to find them on his own.

So I set the letters to the side and let him do all the work.  He did an AMAZING job!


I brought out some kitten preposition cards I made for Haley when she was Parker’s age.

I laid out the cards and Parker placed laminated kittens on each to match the written prepositional phrase.


Parker really LOVES math and whips through his lessons quickly, so we started adding extra activities here and there.  This week we focused on “sums of ten” math facts.

I created a Christmas Penguins Sums of Ten Math Pack for him to work on.

First, we used the equation cards and the ten frame to figure out the missing number (addend).

Next, he worked through the equation cards and traced the missing number on his worksheet.


Christmas Fish:

While studying fish, we did a cute and VERY simple fish scales science craft.I cut a simple fish shape out of white paper and rounded pentagon “scales” from red, light green, and green construction paper.

Did you know you can tell the age of a fish by it’s scales? They have rings for each year of life on their scales.  Parker decided to make his fish one year old, so he drew one circle on each scale.

We layered the scales like roof shingles.

We added a googly eye and silver details on the tail and mouth.

The fish were so cute, the boys used them for their creative writing assignments that week (Their great escape from the “Feast of Seven Fishes” from our Papa PiccoloPapa Piccolo – Christmas in Italy unit).

Coral Reef:

We read about the coral reef and afterwards Parker got out his oceans sticker book and created his own underwater scene!

This was a lighter Sonlight week since we focused most of our attention on Christmas in Italy (a FIAR post for another day).  We’re looking forward to week 15!

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for this great Christmas phonics activity! Would it be okay for me to include it in a round-up blog post I am working on that is specifically about learning blends/vowels/phonics with Christmas themed activities? (Permission to link to your site and possibly use one of the images to show your activity?) I would be so honored, and of course I would leave a link to this page to tell people where it came from! 🙂 My blog is Thank you! Amy

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