Sonlight Core A (Week 17)


Memory Verse:

We spread this week’s activities between the week before Christmas break and the week after.

Parker listened to his “Letter Q” verse from his Sing the Word CD, traced his Bible Memory verse using our N-T Bible Verse Printable Pack.


Later in the week we cut it apart like a puzzle and he added it to his Bible verse lapbook.


This week was all about the “Letter O” and Parker continued his usual letter of the week activities.

Parker was SUPER excited to add “O is for Obi” in his ABC lapbook, because Obi is his favorite Star Wars character!

O is For Ornaments:

Parker was learning about the letter “O” and Jordan was learning about bears, so we made bear ornaments!


I read The Christmas Bears and brought out wood bear ornaments and our paint pens.

The kids got right to work painting their bears with their own creative twist.

They turned out cute! I love when our Sonlight and FIAR curriculums merge into a fun activity for the kids!

Christmas Nouns & Adjectives:

This week Parker was learning about nouns and adjectives using our Christmas Cookie Noun & Adjectives Pack.


Parker sorted through the stack of word cards using our noun & adjective sorting mat.

Christmas Symbols – Antonyms & Synonyms:

I made a Christmas Symbols pack to help both boys work on their antonyms and synonyms.

Antonym & Synonym Sorting:

Both boys worked through a stack of Christmas Symbol word cards sorting by antonyms & synonyms.

Later the boys used dot paints to color code their Christmas Symbols Antonym & Synonym worksheet.

Angelic Antonyms:

Jordan was learning about antonyms using our Christmas Symbols Pack.

He worked through the pack of Angel cards coloring the matching antonym candle.


Parker refreshed his knowledge of antonyms by working on this activity too.

Star Synonyms:

I printed the Star Synonym cards and worksheet for the boys.


The boys colored the matching synonyms.

Christmas Cookie Survey:

img_7724Jordan was learning about bar graphs in his Language Arts activities. Since it was the week before Christmas break, I thought the entire group would enjoy a Christmas Cookie Survey!

The kids helped make the poster for our survey.

img_7709-1The kids sent a video survey to friends and family.

Once the votes were in, the kids recorded their data on graphs.

Listening – CLUES & Adjectives:

Our Language and Thinking manual instructed us to play a game of clues using adjectives.


I brought out our Christmas Bingo cards and Christmas-colored gems. I picked an image and gave Parker clues describing it. Parker made tally marks to keep track of how many clues he needed before guessing the correct character.

Creative Writing:

This week Parker needed to pick one of our family’s Christmas traditions and write about it.

He made a list of our family traditions and chose to write about how we decorate our tree.


Coin Recognition:

Parker worked on coin recognition this week by matching his coin cards (Imagine Our Life).

img_7660First he matched the front and back images to the coin name then he added the value cards.


This week we caught up on our previous potato stamp skill builder.  I paired this activity with a great book, A Cobweb Christmas.

img_7652I cut out construction paper trees and tree skirts to our white paper background, carved a star, moon, dot, gingerbread man, and apple potato stamps, and set them aside with the tempura paint.

The kids glued their trees and skirts to the white paper background.

Then they took turns stamping the shapes on their Christmas trees. They looked beautiful!

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