Sonlight Core A (Week 24)


Memory Verse:

This week was a continuation of memorizing the “Letter V” verse.


Parker already completed the Letter V verse tracer and glued it in his Bible lapbook.  This week we just continued to sing the song!

The Christmas Story:

The birth of Christ is not a story to tell only at Christmas.  This mommy will use any excuse to bring out a Christmas activity!

I brought out our felt Nativity set and Parker set the scene while I read the Christmas story.


Clothing Around the World:

Since we were reading about fashions around the world, I brought out our kids around the world.

First, Parker placed the children on the country of origin.  He needed a little help finding some of the countries, but many he knew from memory!

Then he added the country’s flag.

Jordan placed the figures and the flags on all the countries without any help.  All the missionary stories and map work really has increased their knowledge and awareness of God’s great big world!

Changing Fashion:

As we read about how fashion has changed, the boys played with Abraham Lincoln paper doll activity!


I LOVED paper dolls when I was a kid and was happy to find ones they would like too!


Parker didn’t have a new letter of the week, so we worked on activities.

CVC Spelling:

I created a Sunny Day CVC pack for Parker.

He built the CVC words using the letter tiles.

Rainbow Rhymes:

I created a CVC Rainbow Rhymes worksheet.

Parker matched the CVC rhyming clouds to the correct rainbow.

Little House:

I printed a set of Little House paper dolls. Parker dressed Pa while I read aloud.After our reading, we acted out our own scenes with our puppet theater.


We continued our Horizon math lesson and did a few activities on the side.

Pairs – Matching Mittens:

We read Smelling Sunshine on our Epic app.This book complimented our history lessons about clothing around the world.Then I brought out a mitten matching activity to use with our home-made clothesline.We talked about pairs and I laid out mitten pairs for him to match and pin on the line.He matched them while finishing his lunch.

Skip Counting:

I created a skip counting activity for Parker.First he used the orange sticker dots to practice counting by twos. Then he used dot paint to practice counting by fives.Then he counted by tens writing the numbers as he went.Lastly, he looked at the numbers to determine what we were counting by and wrote the number words. He did great on this activity!



We read all about energy.

The boys are changing stored energy into kinetic energy by running in place!


We read about the force of gravity, which inspired the boys to demonstrate “THE FORCE” (Star Wars).

Darth Vader’s choke hold….

The Jedi’s force push….

Back to science….Jordan demonstrated the force of his knee hitting the ball.

Parker demonstrated the force of pulling his sock off.

After kicking around the soccer ball, I brought out a couple of magnets and paperclips. We watched the magnets attract the clips, pulling them close. Then we flipped the magnet and watched as it repelled the clips, pushing them away.

Expanding & Contracting:

We read about hot and cold in our science lesson.

The boys are demonstrating how molecules expand as they heat up.

Now they’re demonstrating how molecules contract as they get colder.

Balloon Experiment:

After reading about cold and hot air, we went into the kitchen for another fun balloon experiment.

Parker helped me fill the containers and prep the experiment.

Jordan warmed the air in the bottle by placing it in the hot water.

Then we placed it in the ice bath and watched the cold air pull the balloon into the bottle.

The kids kept switching the bottle from hot to cold and back again.

I left it on the counter and the boys took turns playing with it.


Paper Hats:

This week our skill builder was folding paper hats.Using our IG as a guide, we folded our paper in half then folded the corners down.Parker helped me fold the bottoms up.Now to try it on…it was a little small, but he still looked cute!  Until next time…

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