Sonlight Core A (Week 34)



Parker continued to memorize Trees by Joyce Kilmer using his Trees booklet (Living Worlds Apart).


Rainforest Pollinators:

This week we read about the rainforest plant life and pollinating flowers.

I decided to whip out a Cheetos pollination SNACKtivity.  I put Cheetos in a cup with a white flower on top and made little pipe cleaner bees.

The kids stuck their fingers in the center to grab the Cheetos and wiped their fingers on the flower.

By the end of their snack, the flowers were covered with “pollen” (Cheetos dust).  We’ve done this before, but it NEVER gets old!

Coloring The Jungle:

I created a Wild Places Jungles pack for the boys to work on while reading our Usborne Wild Places book.

The boys colored their rainforest animal and product cut-outs.

The boys colored their Amazon river page and added the coordinating river animals.


Lastly, we colored in all the jungles around the world.

Colorful Birds:

I brought out our Bird Matching cards (The Helpful Garden) for a fun activity after reading about birds.

The boys took turns matching the birds to the picture cards.


Banana Swirl:

We finished our studies of the rainforest on a sweet and tropical note…

I made banana swirl (blended frozen bananas) with mini chocolate chips as we said good-bye to the rainforest and hello to the desert!


Letter of the Week:

Parker was learning all about the “Letter Q” this week.

Parker continued to work on his HWOT activities.

We even added Qui Gon Jinn to his ABC Lapbook!  Both boys said it looked more like Jesus and I would have to agree!

Nouns & Adjectives:

I pulled out our Bee My Honey Nouns & Adjectives cards and sorting mat.

Parker sorted through the stack of cards and did pretty good.  He missed a few, but after asking, “is it a person, place, or thing?” he quickly placed the card in the correct pile.


Calendar Work:

I brought out our

Seasons Montessori Circle Sorting activity (I Believe in Montessori).

I brought out our Months of the Year cards.

We said our “30 Days Hath September” poem and the boys took turns sorting by the number of days per month.

They also sorted the cards by season and put them in order!

They colored and numbered their calendars and added the holiday stickers.






Just For Fun:

Star Wars Day:

May the fourth be with you….

We started our morning with Bantha curds (blue tinted cottage cheese), Sarlacc fruit, and BB-8 pancakes!

The kids gobbled their breakfast and headed outside for P.E.!

After P.E., I made YODAmole (wholly guacamole) and R2-D2 Tuna Sandwiches!

Star Wars Tea Party:

I promised Haley we would have a tea party at the end of our FIAR Madeline unit, but the last day was May 4th, so……in a galaxy far, far away…..a Star Wars Tea Party was born!

We had Porg Cookies, Revenge of the Sith Berry Kabobs, VERY messy renditions of R2-D2 & Princess Leia & Yoda, BB-8, Sand Crawlers, Ewoks, Wompa-bites, grape sabers, death star cookies, storm trooper marshmallows, and Jawa brownie bites.

And to balance out the SUGAR RUSH….some veggie sabers with hummus!

They munched…..

They crunched…..

They nibbled…..

And savored each bite….

When Daddy came home, they said they had the BEST DAY EVER!!!!  Our little Padawans had an awesome Star Wars Day….it’s a BIG deal in our home!

This week’s over, but we’re looking forward to week 35!

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