Sonlight Core A (Week 35)


Wild Places – Jungle:


Before wrapping up our unit on Jungles, Parker and I read Abigail and the Jungle Adventure (Abigail and the Magical Bicycle)Abigail and the Jungle Adventure.


Later in the afternoon, the boys and I went to the nursery to buy some plants.  They may not have been tropical plants, but they were VERY colorful!  It was fun to garden after learning about plants the past few weeks.

Wild Places – Desert:


I created a Wild Places Desert booklet that the boys could add to their Wild Places Habitat Book.  You can purchase the desert inserts at our TPT Store.


The boys colored and labeled some of their desert pages.

Playdough Desert Creations:

First, I brought out our green playdough and cut up toothpicks for a “create a cactus” activity.


The boys took turns making their cactus plants.  They turned out cute too!


Next, I brought out some brown playdough, some green linking cubes (representing cacti), a paper roll bush, and some desert creatures.


Jordan worked on making a 3-D desert scene following our Wild Places “Surviving the Desert” pages.


It turned out great!  We didn’t have all the desert creatures, but with a little imagination we improvised!  Great job Bub!

Edible Spadefoot Toad Life Cycle:

I decided to make an edible science activity (we do this ALOT), since we were reading about the Spadefoot Toad.


I sliced our Trader Joes lemon cake and added some blue frosting (water pool in the desert), and filled a cupcake liner with “toad eggs” (white Caramel M&Ms with black edible pen dots, “tadpoles” (gummy worms cut in half), and “an adult toad” (Haribo gummy frogs).


The kids had fun gobbling up this Wild Places lesson!


Building Words:

I created an ABC Flower Fun pack for Parker to use while building words this week.

ABC Flower FunABC Flower Fun


I layered the flower letters in our garden sensory bin.  I handed Parker the word cards and asked him to change it into another word.


First he added suffixes like “ing” to the existing words.


Then he started thinking “outside the bOX’ ;)…..he came up with boxing and demonstrated the word for me!


Then he came up with DUMP truck!  Great job Parks!


Solar System:

The boys finished coloring their solar system books.  I had them sort the pictures by “planet” and “not a planet”.


I asked the boys to put their planets in order.


I brought out our constellation cards, black felt square, and mini white pom-poms.


We started building Ursa Minor (The Little Bear) since Parkie LOVES bears!


Then we added Ursa Major (The Great Bear) – like Mommy & me!


Then we ended with Orion since this was the constellation in our book.  Great job Parks!

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