Sonlight Core E – Growing Germs (Week 31)

I set out our petri dishes, gelatin, and vegetable bouillon.

Haley and I added the ingredients to a pot of boiling water. We left it to simmer on the stovetop

Haley marked one dish “washed” and the other “unwashed”.

She poured the mixture into our petri dishes, we covered them immediately, and set them aside to cool.

First, she touched the “unwashed” dish with her fingers. Then she washed her hands and touched the “washed” dish.

We set them in a shoebox and left them for a few weeks. Both dishes had fat globules on the surface, but the “unwashed” dish had a large mass of bacteria/mold growing on the surface.

This was a GREAT visual aid to show WHY we should wash our hands after using the restroom and before eating!

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