Rabbits and Raindrops

Book Pairing:

Today we’re pairing up Jim Arnosky’s Rabbits and Raindrops with a fun and easy rain science activity.


  1. 1 clear glass/plastic jar
  2. Shaving cream
  3. Water
  4. Food color drops
  5. All-purpose tray

Rain Experiment:

We headed to the kitchen with an all-purpose tray to conduct our simple science experiment.

Instruct your student to fill the jar with water.  Pouring water is a great skill building activity for kids.  You can pre-measure the water for younger students or instruct your older student(s) to fill the jar half-way.

Fill the remaining part of the jar and above with shaving cream (resembling a cloud). Add several drops of food coloring to the top.

Instruct your students to simply observe what happens.

Their reaction to this simple experiment is priceless!  I just LOVE his little face during this experiment.

The Science BEHIND the Experiment:

The explanation of the science behind the experiment depends on the age and interest of your student(s).

For my toddler, I explained that it begins to rain as the cloud fills up and becomes heavy with water droplets.  If the opportunity arises, check out a rain science book from the library!  Here’s a few of our favorites:

Rain (Weather Ready-To-Read)
Rain (Weather Wise)

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