Run Rabbit Run!

Book Pairing:

This springtime book pairing activity was from our (BFIAR) The Quiet Way Home post.

Run, Rabbit, Run!

Today’s book pairing is Run Rabbit Run (1.0 Very First Reading)Run Rabbit Run! the 9th book in the Usbourne Very First Reading series and an adorable spring sensory bin.

This was a super simple sensory bin to put together. We used green water beads and some dollar bin toys (carrot mini erasers and bunny jacks).

Water beads are a fun sensory experience for little (and big) hands!  Parker dug in and began playing with the bin.

He used his little fingers to place a water bead in each slot of our miniature ice cube tray.

We even added the sensory bin to our Learning Lane and turned it into a math activity.  It was an invitation to create patterns!  Parker had fun creating patterns and dumping them back into the bin…Watch out!  Those beads are BOUNCY!

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