The Big Green Pocketbook

BFIAR Preschool – Post From the Past (March 2017):

As winter was fading, spring was emerging. We just finished rowing The Red Carpet and now we were ready to start The Big Green Pocketbook.

Ready to Row:

There weren’t many printables, but we found a lapbook from Homeschool Share and created our own printables too!

You can download many FREEBIES as well as purchase The Big Green Pocketbook printable pack here at our TPT Store.

I printed and laminated our vocabulary cards and set out our Sensory Story Box.

We were ready for our next big adventure!

We were off to a sweet start with green pocket book pancakes…they look more like green snowmen, but it’s the thought that counts, right?


We chose to study the fruits of the spirit and selected Galations 5:22 as our verse for this book.

You can download you FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The kids worked on their Bible verse tracers.

Parker worked on his puzzle each day rowing this book.

Exploring Colors:

This book was bursting with fun themes to explore! We found ourselves on our own adventure with colors, ice cream, money, and more!

Green Day:

We celebrated our 100th day of school AND the color green!

We started with a color mixing breakfast (1/2 yellow + 1/2 blue bagel = 1 green bagel) while watching Little Blue and Little Yellow.

We read some books about green on our Epic app.

I added green activities to Learning Lane.

We read Blue Train, Green Train and I set out a little color mixing tray.

Parker used the dropper to add various amounts of yellow and blue to make different shades of green. This is ALWAYS a huge hit!

I also set out a green tray on Learning Lane.  He spelled “green”, created the color equation(blue + yellow = green), and did a green pom-pom transfer activity.

I glued our green pocketbook (Homeschool Share) to cardboard, punched holes, and gave everyone string to sew them together.

The kids worked on green-themed worksheets and added inserts to their lapbooks.

Last, but NOT least, the kids made a GREEN 100th day craft!

Colorful World:

We read a bunch of color books and watched Sid the Science Kid – Primary Colors on our Epic app.

Primary & Secondary colors:

I set out a primary and secondary colors tray on Learning Lane similar to our green tray.

Parker spelled each word, figured out the colored equation, and worked on the rainbow pom-pom transfer.

We ate a rainbow of fruits and veggies with cheese clouds!

Parker worked on some colorful math activities too!

Mouse Paint:

Since we were studying colors, we read Mouse Paint and headed to the kitchen to whip up rainbow bread.

Parker helped scoop, measure, and mix our dough. We put it in the bread machine to do all the work.

Next, I divided the dough into six parts, added color, rolled it, let it rise, and baked it in the oven.

The bread was beautiful AND delicious!

The kids LOVED their colorful treat!

I surprised the kids with rainbow pasta for dinner! It was a VERY colorful day!

The Day the Crayons Quit:

We read The Day the Crayons Quit and I found a great creative writing idea online (

I set out our CRAFTivity the night before.

The kids wrote their crayon color a short letter with a picture.

They turned out TOTALLY adorable!

The kids ate a “crayon” treat made of fruit rope and candy corn.

The boys worked on a fun unscramble and color the crayon worksheet.

Parker matched color words using a file folder I put together with various color printables.

Ice Cream:

I set up a sprinkle writing box on Learning Lane.

Haley and Jordan used the sprinkle box to write their spelling words.

Parker worked on MANY ice cream themed math activities.

Ice Cream Magic:

I brought out the kids Ice Cream Magic Cups they got from Teta (Grandma).

We headed to the kitchen to whip up some frozen yum!  The kids helped measure the ingredients.

Then you shake, shake, shake until it’s ready to eat, eat, eat!

We added sprinkles and crushed Oreos. The kiddos gave it a thumbs up!

We picked up an ice cream cone at the drug store…just like the girl in the book!


We read Benny’s Pennies, spent time studying coins, and saving money.

The kids worked on their money worksheets.

They played a money game (The Measured Mom), adding cents, and finding totals.

Parker worked on several coin recognition and matching activities too!

Piggy Bank Blessings:

Have you ever started a craft and shelved it?  I’m NOT kidding when I tell you this craft was a couple years in the making…LOL!

We read Piggy Bank Blessings when we first started our BFIAR journey. We constructed the “skeleton” and set it aside.  It collected dust and the balloons shrunk. So….

We read Piggy Bank Blessings again and started over.

Haley and Jordan whipped up a batch of paper-mache.

They slathered their piggies with newspaper shreds dipped in goo.  We set them aside to dry.

They dried and sat in this condition for a whole year! LOL….

Finally the kids painted and finished their piggies with a pipe-cleaner curly tail plugs!

I can’t believe we FINALLY finished our piggy banks!


We started our morning with a breakfast of shapes – oval eggs, square and rectangle toast, and fruit in circle and heart shapes.

I read Friendshape and the kids gobbled their breakfast.

After breakfast, the kids worked on their sudoku shape puzzles.

Parker had many fun shape activities on Learning Lane.

I added the geoboard shapes tray to Learning Lane several times, because it was such a HUGE hit!

We read a couple more shape books on our Epic app.

The kids worked on some shape worksheets.

Bus – Transportation:

A bus trip around town reminded me of the story of Rosa Parks.

The older kids watched Rosa on our Epic app which complimented their US History Sonlight studies.

Later they munched on bus wheels (chocolate mini doughnut with a Hershey’s kiss in the center).

Parker had a couple of bus themed activities to work on too!


We did a few extra language arts activities while rowing The Big Green Pocketbook.

CVC Activities:

Parker worked on many CVC spelling activities.

He also traced worksheets from our Big Green Pocketbook printable.


I included two starting sounds activities in our Big Green Pocketbook pack.

I added the phonics activities to Learning Lane.

Parker matched the uppercase letters with each picture.

He used green gems to mark the starting sounds on each phonics card.


I made a felt green pocketbook to use with some preposition cards I found online.

Parker read each card and followed the instructions.

He did a great job!


Parker used the Sensory Story Box to work on his vocabulary words.


We did a few extra science activities that weren’t a part of our thematic units.


We read The Windy Day, Wind, and The Wind Blew.

The kids worked on a story sequence activity for The Wind Blew and Parker dressed weather bear for a windy day!

We grabbed several objects, predicted whether or not the wind would blow it, conducted our experiment, and wrote what actually happened.


We brought our our Habitat Booklets and the The Big Green Pocketbook Go-Along-Animals.

The kids colored the animals from our story and added them to their booklets.


Scavenger Hunt:

I laminated and hid all the pocketbook pieces (Homeschool Share).

The kids hunted around the house looking for their pieces.

The scavenger hunt was a highlight rowing this book!

Memory Making:

Haley made this adorable bookmark as a momento of our BFIAR time together!

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