Sonlight Core B (Week 7)


Bible Verse Tracer:

I created a Genesis 1:1 Tracer Pack for Parker to use.

Memory Verse Tracer Pages (Genesis 1:1)
Genesis 1:1 Tracer Pack FREEbie

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker traced his Bible verse while listening to this week’s verse from our Sing the Word album.

The following day, he illustrated his verse and listened to his verse.  He drew the sun, moon, earth, and many stars.  I love seeing how he cares about little details in his artwork.

We cut apart his Bible verse tracer like a puzzle and he added it to his Bible lapbook.


We started our Around the World with Kate and Mac journey with Papua New Ginnea.

The boys took turns finding Papua New Ginnea on the world map.

We read that coconut grows there.  I made everyone a bowl of trail mix with sweetened coconut flakes.

The boys colored the flag and added it to their Sonlight history lapbooks.

Time Traveler:

This week we started reading our Usborne Time Traveler history book. We located Egypt and Lebanon on our world map.


I created an I can Read Roll, Read, & Cover worksheet for lesson #7.

Apples & Pumpkins - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 7)
Apples & Pumpkins I Can Read #7 Roll, Read, & Cover Worksheet

You can download it for FREE here at our TPT Store.

The worksheets incorporate a fun way to review our weekly lessons.  He did an awesome job!

Fall Rhymes:

I didn’t have a fall themed rhyme pack, so I brought out a set of cupcake word families and fall letters.  I made it looooong ago when Haley was around the same age.

The boys took turns making words while the other would create rhyming words to match.


I created a Plural Pumpkin Patch worksheet for Parker to work on making words plural by adding ‘s’ or ‘es‘.

Plural Pumpkin Patch
Plural Pumpkin Patch Worksheet

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

He read each word and colored in the correct plural pumpkin.


We did quite a few word building activities this week.

Scarecrow Build-a-Word Activity:

I created a Scarecrow Build-a-Word Activity for the kids.

Scarecrow Build-a-Word Activity
Scarecrow Build-a-Word Activity

You can download it FREE here at our TPT Store.

We’ve done several versions of this activity.  He informed me that he knows EXACTLY what to do….he’s getting so big!

ABC Pumpkin Farm Fun:

I created our ABC Pumpkin Farm Fun when Parker was in preschool.

ABC Pumpkin Farm Fun
ABC Pumpkin Farm Fun Pack

You can purchase this pack here at our TPT Store.

I printed out the uppercase and lowercase letters, placed them on the floor in ABC order (vowels to the left) and asked him to create some words.  He LOVES this type of free-form word building activity.  He came up with “bread” and “rhino”,  Amazing!


Math Facts:

This year we’re using Singapore Math. It’s a great program, but I still love the way Saxon Math grouped and named their math facts (i.e. doubles, sums of ten, etc.).

Math Leaf Hunt - DOUBLES (1-10) Math Facts
Math Leaf Hunt – Doubles (1-10) Math Facts
Math Apple and Bushel Fun - DOUBLES (1-10) Math Facts
Math Apple & Bushel Fun – Doubles (1-10) Math Facts

My friend sent me the categories (thanks Kate) and I’m slowly creating seasonal packs to use with Parker.

Math Pumpkin Farm Fun - SUMS of TEN Math Facts
Math Pumpkin Farm Fun – Sums of Ten Math Facts

The Math Pumpkin Farm Sums of Ten Pack is our latest addition.  You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.

The first day he matched the equation and answer cards.

Afterwards, he worked on the pumpkin SUMS of TEN worksheet.

He also worked on the Matching SUMS of TEN worksheet.  You can download it for FREE in the Preview here at our TPT Store.


This week we learned about animals from North America. We focused our attention on monarch butterflies.

I gave the boys a monarch symmetry activity.   With a little help they sketched half of a monarch butterfly.

I outlined their butterfly wings and body with black glue.

Then the boys added a generous amount of orange, white, and gold glitter paint.

They pressed them together to form a beautiful and very symmetric butterfly!

This was a fun and easy craft to go along with our reading of migrating monarchs!


We set them aside to dry.   They looked so beautiful!

Magnetic Science:

This was a follow-up activity from last week.

We gathered all our supplies and planned to recreate the swimming duckies.  If done correctly, the magnetized ducks pull towards each other since they face opposite magnetic poles, giving the allusion of swimming around the bowl.

After three failed attempts, we decided to try this activity one more time.  If at first (or second) you don’t succeed, try try again!

Drumroll…..They floated and swam towards each other!  Whahoo!  I was excited, but Parks seemed less than impressed.  Perhaps, he learned that some things in life aren’t easy and require patience and perseverance.  That’s our take-away!

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