Sonlight Core B (Week 20)


Memory Verse:

I printed the sixth verse of our Psalm 23 Bible Verse Tracer for the boys to work on this week.  They should be able to recite the entire Psalm at the end of this week!

My Memory Verse Tracer Pages (Psalm 23)
Psalm 23 Tracer Pack

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

We were off on Monday (MLK Jr.’s Birthday Observed), so the boys traced and illustrated their verse on Tuesday.

We cut and pasted the verse into their lapbooks on Wednesday.  Even though it was a short week, they were able to recite it by memory.  Way to go boys!


Around the World with Kate & Mack:

We continued lapbooking around the world with Kate and Mack.  This week we were learning about Brazil.

The boys colored the flag of Brazil and sketched a few items in their lapbooks.


I Can Read It:

This week we were learning about words ending in -lt, -lts, -ft, -fts, -nt, and -nts.  I created a Winter Friends Roll, Read, & Cover worksheet for Parker to work on.

Winter Friends - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 20)
Winter Friends I Can Read It Lesson 20 Worksheet

There was a bonus Read & Color worksheet for the leftover words.  You can download it for FREE here at our TPT Store.

First, Parker worked on the Roll, Read, & Color worksheet.


The following day he read and colored the remaining words on the Winter Friends Worksheet.

Compound Words:

I created a Winter Penguins Compound Words pack for Parker.

Winter Penguins Compound Words Grammar Pack
Winter Penguins Compound Words Grammar Pack

You can purchase it here. There’s a bonus FREEbie in the preview!

First, Parker matched up the compound word cards.

Later in the week, I followed up with the Hide & Seek activity.  He did a great job finding the hidden compound words and marking them on his worksheet.

The Gruffalo Rhymes:

Both boys were reviewing rhymes in their Language Arts lessons, so I created The Gruffalo’s Child Rhyme Pack.

The Gruffalo's Child - Word Rhymes
The Gruffalo’s Child Word Rhymes

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.  There’s a bonus FREEbie in the preview!

I hid animal word cards around the room and told the boys they could only grab one card at a time. The hunt was on!

They quickly raced to the window to match their card to the rhyming animal track.

This was an active grammar lesson that the boys LOVED!  Get the blood pumping and the mind working!

Afterwards, they used the tracks to find and color the matching rhymes on their worksheet.


I created a Polar Bear Ice Fishing For Consonant Blends pack for Parker.

Polar Bear Ice Fishing for Consonant Blends (-ft, -lt, -nt) - Phonics Pack
Polar Bear Ice Fishing for Consonant Blends Pack

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.

I created an “ice hole” by setting out the cards in a bowl with blue gems and cotton balls so we could “ice fish” for his spelling words.

I went “fishing“, said the word out loud, and he built it with the letter tiles.

He got to keep the fish cards he spelled correctly.  He LOVED that idea!  It’s funny how that made the game more exciting for him!

Creative Writing:

Since Jordan was learning about owls in his FIAR Owl Moon unit, we read Owl Babies.

Afterwards, we made a fun Owl Babies craft and turned it into their creative writing poetry assignment.

I cut out a tree branch added his tree branch to his blue background.

The boys used brown and black crayon to add bark details to their branches.

Parker wrote his owl poem based on the rhyming structure of Little Bo Peep, but Bub wrote a Limerick.

The boys glued the white construction paper owl silhouette to the branch and we used a pom-pom dipped in white, yellow, gold, and brown tempura paint.

The dipped pom-pom gave the illusion of the fluffy down feathers of an owlette.

We glued on construction paper eyes and dipped the edge of the pom-pom in brown paint to add more texture to the owlet’s body.

After the paint dried, the boys used black Sharpie pens to add details on their owls.


The little owls turned out so cute and their poems were so sweet!  This was a fun little CRAFTivity!


Parker’s aunt bought him sets of readers last Christmas, so this year I decided to use those instead of the Core B readers.

This week he read Poppleton in Winter and Mouse and Mole A Winter Wonderland. He loved both of them!



I created a layers of the skin booklet for the boys to add to their science lapbooks.  I’ve created a Label the Layers of the Skin worksheet.

Label the Layers of Skin
Label the Layers of the Skin Worksheet

You can download the Label the Layers of the Skin worksheet for FREE here at our TPT Store.

The boys color coded the parts of the skin using our Usborne First Encyclopedia of the Human Body book as our guide.

Human Skeleton:

I brought out our Learning Resources Human Body Model.

Jordan worked with the model that was completely broken apart.

Parker worked on placing the organs into his model.  It was harder than expected…

Bub stuck with it until every part was in the right place. v I LOVE the determination of this guy!

That’s all folks….ready for week 21!

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