The Tale of Peter Rabbit



Memory Verse:

I created a Bible Verse printable to go along with this book.  This was another pack that featured my daughter’s artwork.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Bible Verse Printable (Ephesians 6:1)
Peter Rabbit Bible Verse Pack

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT store.  There’s a tracer FREEbie in the Preview!

Jordan traced his Bible verse.  The following day we cut it apart like a puzzle and he added it to his FIAR notebook.

He used the Bible verse puzzle the rest of the row to practice his verse.

Rules: Trust & Obey:

Peter was a cute, but very naughty rabbit.  He didn’t listen or obey his mother.  We LOVE Bible lessons on obedience.  It’s a great reminder to all!

Jordan watched several clips on obedience from our playlist and we added Pursue God Kid’s ICE acronym (obey Immediately, Cheerfully, Exactly)  in our notebook.


The sparrows encouraged Peter to keep going, so we took a moment to talk about encouraging others.

This is something we are REALLY trying to work on, especially “on the court” when doing PE with our siblings.  We watched a clip about good sportsmanship on our Jelly Telly app.




Geography – England:

We started our lesson on London over a bowl of cereal and some wonderful books about London and Britain.

We read  Katie In London""Katie in London and This is Britain (This Is…travel)""This is Britain.   I printed the geography inserts from Homeschool Share.

Jordan worked on his lapbook inserts and we added the time in London and compared it to our time in California.

We also talked about the beautiful cottage gardens in England.

We read Secret in the Garden which was the perfect book with gorgeous illustrations of English gardens.

Author Study:

The kids really enjoyed learning about authors when we rowed Jane Yolen’s Owl Moon and Cynthia Rylant’s When I Was Young in the Mountains.

I purchased The%20Tale of Beatrix Potter (Penguin Young Readers, Level 4)""The Tale of Beatrix Potter and rented Beatrix Potter from the local library.  They were both excellent children books about the author.

I Can Fix It - Beatrix Potter Facts (Commas)
Beatrix Potter Facts Worksheet

I created a Beatrix Potter Facts worksheet that incorporated Jordan’s grammar lesson about commas.  You can download it here for FREE at our TPT Store.

Jordan read through the facts and completed the worksheet.


The Rhyming Rabbit:

Parker was reviewing rhymes in his grammar lesson this week.  I coordinated this activity with Julia Donaldson’s The Rhyming Rabbit""The Rhyming Rabbit.  I created a printable pack to go along with the book.

The Rhyming Rabbit - Word Rhymes
The Rhyming Rabbit Word Rhymes Pack

You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.

Parker read the book as his reader for the day.  I hid the butterfly word cards around the room.

Parker matched the butterfly to the rhyming rabbit on the window.

Afterwards, he matched and colored the word rhymes with the coordinating worksheet.


We talked about the “scritch” and “scratch” of Mr. McGregor’s hoe and reviewed onomatopoeia.  I created a Mr. McGregor’s Garden of Onomatopoeia Words worksheet.

Mr. McGregor's Garden of Onomatopoeia Words
Mr. McGregor’s Garden of Onomatopoeia Words

You can download it here for FREE at our TPT Store.

Jordan worked through the worksheet and decided to create his own color code – BLUE for onomatopoeia words and RED for the rest.

Letter of Apology:

I highjacked another creative writing assignment and had Jordan write a letter of apology to Mr. McGregor.

He typed it up on my computer and later we corrected any grammar/spelling errors together.  He did a fantastic job!


Carrot Math:

We turned our regular math lessons into garden patch arithmetic.


Jordan was learning about angles this week.  I cut out carrot shapes and taped them to reuse with dry erase markers.  I drew various acute, right, and obtuse angles on them and set them out with a “soil” sorting mat.

Jordan sorted through the carrots placing the angles in the appropriate “garden bed”.

He did a great job!

Adding Coins:

Parker was reviewing dollar bills and coins.  I created dry erase carrots for him to use as well.  For this activity, I wrote a dollar (and change) amount on each carrot and set out our play money.

He counted out the dollar bills and coins to make the amount written.

He did a great job!  Another day I set out a “Carrot Patch” math bin.  I put in random change and a little carrot card in each plastic carrot.

He picked a carrot from the patch and counted out the change starting with the largest coins and moving to the smallest (as taught in his Singapore Math lessons).

Once he counted the change, he wrote the amount on the carrot card.

This made counting change a little bit more magical!

Mr. McGregor’s Garden Math:

I quickly sketched up a Mr. McGregor’s Garden Math worksheet and used it to review multiplication using the “equal groups of” we learned in our previous Singapore Math lesson.

He wrote the number of groups in the first box, the number of vegetables in each group in the second box, and the answer in the third box.  He did a great job!



We most definitely HAD to learn about rabbits during our time rowing The%20Tale of Peter Rabbit""The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  The night before our “bunny day”, I set out several trays on Learning Lane to make the schoolroom a bit more festive.

Each activity was accompanied by a bunny picture book.


I made bunny cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon and fruit.  The kids LOVED this surprise!  The best part was reading another favorite BFIAR book, The%20Little Rabbit (Step into Reading)""The Little Rabbit.

We read several non-fiction books about rabbits and bunnies.  I also created an All About Rabbits Science Pack.

All About Rabbits - Little Science Pack
All About Rabbits Science Pack

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


While I read about rabbits, the boys worked on their rabbit worksheets.

We read MANY adorable books about rabbits.  We all had a chuckle while reading Richard Scarry’s Richard Scarry’s Naughty Bunny (Little Golden Book)""Naughty Bunny, because Jordan inserted, “That was me!”.  It’s true he had some pretty naughty bunny moments, but that boy has a heart of gold!  Oh the memories of our “naughty little angel”.

The boys used some of Beatrix Potter’s tales as their daily readers and we read some together.  We also found some animated versions and added them to our playlist.

We kept reading our stash of bunny books long after we finished rowing The%20Tale of Peter Rabbit""The Tale of Peter Rabbit.


Little Peter’s naughtiness led him to bed without blackberries, cream, and bread.  Oh what a lesson on disobedience.  Well, we just had to explore bread and get our hands all doughy!

We read How God Gives Us Bread and The Too-Great Bread Bake Book.  Afterwards, we headed to the kitchen to make Miss Tilly’s bread (recipe listed in the book).

Bub LOVES when our books include a recipe.  So he was MORE than happy to get his hands dusty and doughy.  He heated the ingredients over the stove.

He measured the dry ingredients and put them in the bread maker.

Unfortunately our yeast wasn’t fresh so Miss Tilly’s dough didn’t rise to the occasion, but it was really delicious!



How can you study rabbits without studying carrots?  Well, we’ve studied this veggie many times, but it’s always a fun addition to our bunny books.

We started our “carrot day” with carrot pancakes, egg whites, and fresh fruit.


I read The Carrot Seed while the kids ate breakfast.  It’s always fun to bring in one of our BFIAR books.

From Seed to Carrot - Little Science Pack
From Seed to Carrot Science Pack

I printed several pages from our Carrot Science Pack for the boys to work on.  You can purchase it here at our TPT Store.

We read some non-fiction books about carrots.

The boys worked on their carrot worksheets.

We read The Life Cycle of a Carrot which showed wonderful illustrations.

The boys colored their Carrots worksheet to match the rainbow carrot picture I found online.  Such beautiful vegetables!

Afterwards, we headed to our garden beds where Bub’s ONE lonely carrot was read to be harvested.

It’s always a mystery to see what the root will look like.  Last years crop was odd, to say the least, but he was happy it grew in HIS garden!

He pulled it out of the soil…..drumroll…it was a nubby little guy!

He laughed at his nubby little carrot!

I set out a “carrot tray” with a peeler, our Curious Chef knife, and some carrot labels.

He peeled it, cut off the top, and labeled the various parts of the carrot.

Later we added our carrot printables to our FIAR notebooks.  I brought out our Parts of the Carrot nomenclature cards and the Parts of the Carrot Lapbook insert.  The boys color-coded the parts of the carrot as I read each definition aloud.

Later he brought out one of our store-bought carrots to munch on.  There was a bit more veggie to bite off!

We also read some fun carrot themed picture books too!

Planting a Garden:

I brought out our Curious George Garden book.  George is an old and dear friend to Jordan, because George was always getting into trouble.  This book series was the only one that captivated his attention when he was a rambunctious toddler.

We read Curious George Grows a Garden (CGTV Double Reader)""Curious George Grows a Garden and decided to do the celery experiment in the back of the book.

I set out our washed celery stalks, with leaves, along with water jars and food coloring.

The boys added the food coloring and set it aside to “drink” the colored water.

Sure enough, the celery stalks “drank” the water up and the leaves were speckled with blue and turquoise.

We cut the celery apart so they could see how the liquid traveled up the stalk.

Then I cut off the bottom so they could see the tiny dots for each tube.

They both colored their celery pictures to match what they looked like AFTER adding the food coloring.

Carrot Muffins:

Another day we read Curious George The Perfect Carrot and decided to make the carrot muffin recipe included in this book.


I gathered all the ingredients and set them out with the recipe.

The kids cracked walnuts we had left over from Christmas.

They worked together to read the recipe and measure the ingredients as specified.

Bub whisked the dry ingredients together.

Then they measured out their wet ingredients.

Haley took a turn whisking the wet ingredients and adding our shredded carrots and toasted walnuts.

They mixed together their wet and dry ingredients.

They helped scoop the carrot muffin batter into the cupcake liners.

We baked them in the oven and they smelled SO GOOD!  Once cool, I glazed them with a little cream cheese frosting.

We had a little tea party that afternoon.

Carrot Sprout Houses:

I printed a Carrot Seed Sprout House for each kid and handed out plates, ziplock bags, and carrot seeds.

I read online that adding boiling, or near boiling, water to carrot seeds will help soften the hull of the seed.  The kids sprinkled carrot seeds on their folded paper towels and added boiling water.


They sprayed the tissue to make sure the entire towel was damp.

They stuffed their towels into their ziplock bags.

Next, they taped the tops to the carrot and taped the ziplock to the back of the paper carrot.

They added their sprout houses to the playroom window to get premium sunshine!

I checked their seeds after about a week and found them sprouting nicely.  After a few weeks, we’ll try transplanting them into their garden beds.

Mr . Potter’s Garden:

Spring weather is upon us and we’re starting to feel the itch to get our hands dirty and plant our veggie garden.

We read MANY non-fiction books about gardens and vegetables.


I printed a 1/2 size vegetable garden sheet that I found online.  I instructed them to go outside and mark what space is available in their gardens, because they each had some plants already growing.

They marked their sheets to reflect the plants that were there and decide what new plants they want to add.

We read From%20Seed to Plant""From Seed to Plant and I gave the boys a Plant Life Cycle worksheet.

Jordan colored and wrote the stages of growth on his worksheet.

Parker colored, cut, and pasted the labels on his worksheet.

We ate some vegetables for a snack and Jordan opened his snap peas to show us the “seeds” in the “pod”.

I brought out our stash of vegetable seeds and let the boys choose which seeds they wanted to sprout for their vegetable garden.

They took their time to think about what veggies they wanted to grow.

They planned their garden with vegetable sketches.

This was a REALLY fun activity to get us ready to plant! (psst….the next phase will be a part of our Miss Rumphius post).


We took a day to study berries, but we focused on the blackberry.  I created a Label the Blackberry worksheet for the boys to use.

Label the Blackberry Worksheet
Label the Blackberry

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

We read Berry Book""The Berry Book and Food From Farms (World of Farming)""Food from Farms.

We brought out some fresh blackberries and cut them apart so we could see the various parts of the blackberry.

The boys colored and labeled their worksheets.

Berry Scones:

We read more berry books and decided to make some Jamberry""Jamberry Scones.  We did this when we rowed Blueberries for Sal.

Jordan helped cut up our berries (blackberry, strawberries, and blueberry).

Then he measured our dry ingredients and incorporated our wet ingredients.

We baked them in the oven.  They were bursting with juices!

They loved them!  They were delicious!


Mr. McGregor’s Garden Feast:

We bought brussel sprouts, green beans, cabbage, yams, and purple potatoes.  We mixed them with a little seasoning and olive oil and roasted them in the oven.

We had a feast with roast chicken, fresh fruit, and our Miss Tilly’s bread.

Sketching Beatrix Potter Plants:

Jordan and I identified and sketched several of the beautiful illustrations from the story.


He did a great job sketching the various plants from the book.

Bread, Blackberries, & Cream:

We celebrated our row with a special dinner of bread (really pancakes), blackberries (and other berries), bacon, and cream!


The kids thought this was the best dinner surprise of all!  Oh the memories we make…

Hay & Feed:

We took a trip to our local hay and feed to see the baby chicks and bunnies.

The kids were really excited.  We’ve done this before, but it’s always fun to hold the little chicks.

They had some really cute bunnies that the kids loved.

This was a REALLY fun way to get up close to some of God’s cutest creations!


The Tale of Peter Rabbit Playlist:

As with our other rows, we created a The Tale of Peter Rabbit playlist with read-alouds, music, science, and other clips.

Pinterest Board:

You can find most of the activities, ideas, and printables from this post on our The Tale of Peter Rabbit Pinterest Board.

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