Sonlight Core B (Week 34)


Book of the Bible:

This week Parker was memorizing the books of the Bible.  I found a nice bookmark (Thinking Kids) to use as a reference so he could copy the books of the Bible.

On Monday and Tuesday, Parker wrote the New Testament Books of the Bible on lined paper.

On Wednesday, he practiced the books of the Bible using a song on our playlist.  We decided to use this song since his older brother and sister used it to memorize the New Testament Books of the Bible.

Breaking of Bread:

This week we learned about church and the Lord’s supper.

I thought a “breaking of bread” demonstration would be a wonderful way to show the boys what we do every Sunday while they’re in their Sunday School classes.  I brought a slice of bread with two cups of juice.

As we took the bread, we remembered Jesus’ body and how he suffered greatly to pay for our sins.

As we drank the juice, we remembered how Jesus shed his blood to purchase our salvation.


I Can Read It!:

I created a Veggie Garden themed set of worksheets to go with our I Can Read It! Lesson #34.

Veggie Garden - I Can Read It! Roll, Read, and Cover (Lesson 34)
I Can Read It! Lesson #34 Worksheet Set

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store!

On Monday, Parker used his dot paints to complete the first worksheet.  The process of rolling the dice, reading the words, and coloring the picture makes a tedious job a little more fun!

On Tuesday, he used his crayons to read and color the second worksheet.  Great job Parks!


This week Parker read through some books we had not read while studying The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

He enjoyed each book he read!  It’s fun to grab a bunch of books from the library and read through them as time permits!  You can NEVER read too many books, right?


Watercolor Planets:

The boys continued to add more to their Watercolor Solar System art project.

The boys added Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

This has been really fun painting our way through the solar system.

Their art project looks absolutely beautiful!  Great job boys!


May the 4th be with You:

My friend Heather always does such a great job turning food into art.  She once made a BB8 quesadilla that was AMAZING!  I decided to “try” to get creative this year!

We started our Saturday with “Porg pancakes” (which look a wee bit sad…LOL) and a Star Wars inspired dessert plate with “Blue Bantha Milk”, “Wookie Cookies”, and a “Sarlacc Snack”!  The kiddos LOVED it!

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