Sonlight Level C (Week 2)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse printable for Parker’s verse this week.

Memory Verse Tracer Page (Joshua 24:15)

You can download your FREE copy here!

This week’s verse was really long, so he traced half of it on Monday and the rest on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I cut it apart and he glued it together like a puzzle.

The Tall Tower:

I brought out our foam blocks so the boys could build their own “tall tower”.

The each took a turn and created colorful towers after watching the animated version of his reading.


The Middle East:

We continued reading about others parts of the Middle East this week.

We read about Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iraq.  The boys located the country we were reading on their world placemats.

Arabic Writing:

I brought out some play-doh and trays so the boys could make the Arabic numbers shown in the book.

Parker molded each number with his play-doh.

Jordan decided to roll out his play-doh and use a wooden tool to inscribe the Arabic numbers.

Roman Numerals:

We also read about Roman Numerals, so the boys used our craft sticks to form the numbers I to X (1 to 10).

Later in the week, Parker noticed the Roman Numeral chapter numbers in Red Sails to Capri.

The boys had fun making shapes while I finished our history reading for the day.


Grammar Grab Bag:

I created another Grammar Grab Bag for our second week of school.

Back to School 2nd Grade Grammar Grab Bag
Grammar Grab Bag – Week 2

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.

Spelling Words:

The first day Parker cut out his spelling cards and practiced writing them in red and blue (as we did last year).

On Tuesday, he brought out his cards again to fill in the mystery sentences.  This is a fun way to break up the monotony of writing his spelling words again.

Apple Tree Suffixes:

I created an Apple Tree Suffixes activity (in this week’s Grammar Grab Bag) since our spelling words consisted of root words and suffixes.

Parker used the root word apple cards to see how many words we could make on each apple tree suffix card.

Afterwards, he completed the Apple Tree Suffixes cut and paste worksheet which was also included in this week’s Grammar Grab Bag.

We also reviewed our nouns and verbs with the My Grammar Apple Tree worksheet.

Just for Fun:

We recently adopted a rescue kitty, we named Ellie, from the Animal Shelter in our area.

She was captured in the wild, but with a little patience and a whole lot of love, we hope she’ll love her new home!




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