Sonlight Level G – The Golden Goblet

Haley has always loved studying Egypt, so she was excited to hear we would be returning to it this year in her World History lessons.

We started our year reading The Golden Goblet. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find activities that compliment our studies and keep our learning journey exciting and fun. Here’s a few of the activities we paired with this read-aloud.

Lotus Art (Ch 2):

Haley loved incorporating art challenges into her daily routine last year, so I try to weave them into her week of learning.  This week the Egyptian Lotus flower was one of her vocabulary words.


I challenged her to create a lotus using any platform.  She chose to create a graphic design using her ipad.  I love that a simple ADD-ON can make all the difference in her day!

Mummification (Ch 3):

Since Haley was learning about the mummification process, I thought it would be fun to create an apple mummy.

She watched a tutorial on our Sonlight Level G playlist.

She went into the kitchen, gathered her supplies, and started mixing up her natron-like dehydrating mixture!

Next, she peeled her apple.

And carved a face in her apple mummy.

After placing her apple in an empty container, she covered it with her mixture.

We set it aside for two weeks to allow the dehydration process to work its magic.

Upon excavating it from our sarcophagus-like container, we found our specimen ghoulishly gross AND cool! I especially love the sunken-in eye sockets.

Although she hated the sweet smell of the dehydrating apple, she agreed it was a pretty cool experiment!

Doum Palm Silhouette (Ch 10):

Today’s reading referenced the dom, or doum, palm as well as the waning moon. I gave Haley an art challenge, include both in a desert painting.

She loves art challenges and it gives her a fun and relaxing brain break.

First she painted the sand and sky. Then she used a make-up sponge to form the crescent moon. And lastly, she added a palm silhouette.

It turned out beautifully!

Cubit (Ch 11):

Haley came to me asking what a cubit was. We looked up the definition. A cubit is a non-standard measurement based on a person’s forearm.

Haley grabbed the measuring tape and we measured from her elbow to the tip of her middle finger. After this, she’ll never wonder what a cubit is again!

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