Sonlight Level C (Week 26)

This week was all about Dr. Seuss. We started and ended our Sonlight week with Dr. Seuss-inspired breakfasts and squeezed in a few Suesstastic activities.


Memory Verse:

I printed the third verse tracer page for Parker to work on this week.

My Memory Verse Tracer Pages (Psalm 121)

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, Parker traced his verse while listening to his Sing the Word track.

On Tuesday, he illustrated his verse while listening to his track.

On Wednesday, he glued his verse in his Bible Notebook and recited all three verses by heart.


I created a Windy Nights poetry booklet to help Parker as he memorizes the poem.

Windy Nights Tracer Booklet

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Parker continued to read, trace, and memorize Windy Nights by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Grammar Grab Bag:

This week I made a Suesstastic Grammar Grab Bag #26 (GGB) to use with our Language Arts activities.

Suesstastic 2nd Grade Grammar Grab Bag #26

We’re offering this pack for FREE, in honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday! Click here to download your FREE copy!


I printed our spelling mats, letter tiles, and writing worksheet (in GGB) and placed them in our RED Monday folder.

On Monday, we started our spelling lesson using our mat and letter tiles. I said the word aloud and Parker built it with the letter tiles.

Next, we cut apart the spelling cards and he practiced writing them.

On Tuesday, we brought out our spelling cards again and Parker used them to complete his Fun Facts Spelling worksheet.wsentences.

Suesstastic Prepositions:

I printed the Fun Facts Spelling worksheet, Preposition cards, and Preposition worksheet (in GGB) and placed them in Parker’s YELLOW Tuesday folder.

On Tuesday, Parker and I talked about prepositions and prepositional phrases. I wrote “over the river and through the woods…” on a white board snd asked Parker to circle the prepositions. Then we underlined the prepositional phrases.

Next, I had Parker cut and paste the green eggs to match the prepositional phrase on each card.

Before our lesson, I colored the fish, in white crayon, “on the ball”, “in the bowl”, and “over the boat”. I instructed Parker to paint the top portion of the paper with his dot paint. The white fish magically appeared, showing the prepositional phrase. He then wrote in the phrases on the lines below.

The White Stallion of Lipizza:

This was our last week reading The White Stallion of Lipizza and I wanted to include a few more horse activities.

Parker color-coded the parts of the horse using our horse nomenclature cards (The Helpful Garden).

I printed the “All in the Family “ worksheet from our On the Farm – Horses pack.

Horses on the Farm - Little Science Pack

Parker read the close reading text and answered the following questions.


I created a SEUSSTASTIC Fun Pack with activities for the kids to work on this week.

SEUSSTASTIC FUN PACK - Language Arts and Math BW Worksheet Set

You can purchase your copy here at out TPT Store.

Truffula Tree Treats & Tallies:

I printed the Truffula Treats math worksheets for the kids.

I counted out the treats ahead of time since I knew that working with a certain number would be easier for the boys to get the question of ratio and probability.

Everyone counted, tallied and answered the math questions. Afterwards, they enjoyed a fun snack!


Wind & Propellers:

This was actually an experiment from last week, but it went well with our science lessons on weather.

I pre-cut the circles, pulled out the string and needle, and set them out on Learning Lane.

Parker and I worked on folding and snipping the edges of his circle.

Jordan worked entirely on his own. All we needed to do was wait for the heater or air to kick on so we could test our propellers.


We read about rainbows earlier in the week, so I thought it would be fun to make a rainbow.

Parker glued the colored paper strips in order, but we realized that we were workin on the backside. At least, he knows the correct order (ROY G BIV – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

Next, we drizzled glue on the cloud and he added cotton balls to make it soft and puffy.

Lastly, he added glitter glue to make it shine brightly! It looked SO beautiful!


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

This week we incorporated Seusstastic “Read & Eat” activities into our schedule!

Birthday Breakfast:

We started our week with The Cat in the Hat “Cat’s hat” (stacked fruit & whipped cream on a pancake), Green Eggs and Ham “green eggs” (cheese & green grapes), “ham” (spiced hootenanies), and One Fish Two Fish “pink ink” (cherry yogurt).

One Fish, Two Fish Cakes:

I mixed a simple white cake (added a little less liquid), dumped dollops onto parchment paper, tinted them blue, and baked them in the oven. I frosted the blue cakes and added red and blue gummy fish on top.

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss! The kiddos loved these soft-pillowy cakes.

Green Eggs and Ham:

Bub couldn’t celebrate Dr. Seuss without an official “green eggs and ham” breakfast! I made little “green eggs and ham” crustless quiches (eggs, spinach, and bacon), served with fruit snd toast.

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