Sonlight Level D (Week 3)


The boys continued to memorize Psalm 8 using their Bible verse tracers.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, the boys traced and illustrated the fifth verse. they traced and illustrated the sixth verse on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, I cut apart their verses and they glued them together in their Bible notebook. On Thursday, they recited Psalm 8:1-6.


Native American Teepees:

I printed copies of a teepee template and Native American Symbols.

The boys drew symbols on their teepees that told a story much like the Blackfeet tribe we read about today.

We added some embellishments, cut them out, and put them together.

Then we added skewers from the inside to poke through the top. By taping them inside on various places, they fanned out perfectly.

Jordan put together our new playmobile Native American chief.


Level D Language Arts:

This year, Jordan is using the Sonlight Level D Language Arts program and Parker is using the 3rd Grade Language Arts program.

Grammar Ace Notebook:

Last year, Jordan worked through the Grammar Ace program. And next year, Parker will use it. This year we can review the weekly topics using his Grammar Ace notebook.


You can see Jordan creating this notebook while we studied Little Ninos Pizza.


Jordan continued to read Pocahontas and the Strangers, which he absolutely loves. He’s our big history buff!

As time permits, he continues to build Pocahontas’ village on Minecraft. It’s looking pretty cool!

Descriptive Writing:

Jordan’s creative writing assignments are teaching him how to use descriptive words ti make his writing more interesting. This week, he was learning about similes.

First, we read The Apple Pie that Papa Baked together. This book was full of descriptive words. The author incorporated adjectives to describe each element that was a part of making the apple pie.

I printed our Fall Similes pack to pair with this read-aloud.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store. For our blog followers, the secret pack we used is a FREEbie in the Preview!

I thought smelling and drinking spiced apple cider would complete this fall activity. The smell wafted through the kitchen while the kids colored the first page.

The kids sipped their cider while writing about fall.

3rd Grade Language Arts:

Each week, I create a Grammar Grab Bag for Parker to use with his language arts activities.

Grammar Grab Bag:

I created an Apple Picking themed Grammar Grab Bag for this week’s language arts activities.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


This week’s spelling list reviewed soft and hard c and g words.

On Monday, we used the spelling mat (in GGB) and letter tiles to build both soft and hard letter c and g words.

On Tuesday, he pulled out his spelling cards and completed his spelling sentences.


I set out the Apple Picking Sorting by Soft and Hard c and g Words (in GGB).

After reviewing soft and hard letter sounds last week, Parker sorted through this week’s stack with ease.


We also reviewed capitalization rules and Parker worked on his color by code worksheet (in GGB).


Each day, Parker grabbed a book from our thematic book shelf, featuring back to school books.

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