Autumn Watercolor Leaves

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The wind rustles through the trees and leaves gently fall to the ground. Piles of crimson, plum, gold, and orange colors boast God’s handiwork.

Today, I gathered a bunch of leaves and brought them inside for a special autumn craft.

You don’t need much for this beautiful art project. Just grab some white paper, broken crayons (with the wrapper removed), watercolors (with water an a brush), and leaves. We all have MORE than enough leaves, falling right at our front door!

First, place several leaves under a piece of plain white paper. I sandwiched mine between two sheets of paper.

Next, turn the crayon on its side and rub it over the paper until you see the entire leaf print. You could use one or more colored crayons, but I personally loved the brown.

Once you finished rubbing your leaf prints, grab your watercolors.

Using more water, paint your first layer of color. Let it dry a little.

Go back and add a secondary color for a more vibrant look.

You can make small puddles of color that resist the crayon and dry beautifully.

This is a really easy and beautiful art project that everyone will enjoy moi. Brew a cup of coffee or tea and paint with your kids.

Haley and I had such a fun time with this activity. When they dry, you can cut them out and scatter them on your table.

We set ours aside to dry as we went on with our day.

The swirls of color dried beautifully. I can’t wait to cut them out and use them as fall table scatter!

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