Sonlight Level E (Week 7)


I printed the last three verses of our Psalm 103 Bible Verse Printable for the boys to trace this week.

You can download your copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys traced all three verses on Monday. We continued memorizing the entire Psalm.


Manufacturing Clothing:

Since we were learning about manufacturing clothing, I brought out our Usborne Sticker books and had the kids work on those while I read aloud.

Jordan worked on civil war soldier uniforms, Parker completed Marco Polo, and Haley went through the roaring twenties.



I created an Apple Farm themed grammar grab bag (GGB) for this week’s language arts activities.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


I set out his spelling cards, letter tiles, and spelling mat.

First, Parker read the spelling rule. Then he used the letter tiles to build words using the rule.

Afterwards, he practiced writing his spelling words.

On Tuesday, Parker used his spelling cards to complete his spelling sentences (in GGB).

Helping Verbs:

First, I gave Parker his lesson on helping verbs. I wrote our sample sentences on the board and he identified the helping verb in each sentence.

I set out our helping verb cards and the sorting mat (in GGB). Parker read each card, decided whether it was a helping verb or action verb, and sort it in the correct pile.

Afterwards, Parker read through his sentences, marking the pronoun, antecedent, and helping verb.

Grammar Ace:

Typically, I give Parker his Grammar Ace lesson on Monday, he completes side A in his workbook on Tuesday, we add a lapbook entry on Wednesday, and he completes Side B in his workbook on Thursday.

This week, I prepared a forest themed page, because we’re studying The Raft.

Parker added his “pronoun” title, matched the evergreen boughs with the correct “In a Nutshell” definition.

It turned out absolutely adorable!


We continued to read books from our thematic reading shelf.



I printed copies of our October calendar worksheets for the kids to complete.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys added their dates, holidays, and other celebrations.

Math Lapbook:

We continued to work on multiples and factors this week.

There were new terms to remember, so we added a new lapbook entry.


Ink Investigation:

After reading about the ink investigation, we decided to do our own chromatography experiment.

I collected every black pen I could find. I created circles and wrote the names of each.

Jordan created tiny circle samples on the paper towel. Then he added a few drops of rubbing alcohol and watched the colors spread out.

It was fun to see all the colors in each black ink spot.

After two samples refused to react with alcohol, I added drops of water and immediately the color ran across the paper towel. This was a really fun experiment!

States of Matter:

This week we learned about the three states of matter at the molecular level. I brought out the states of matter sorting mat we used while studying Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. I asked Parker to hunt for a solid, liquid, and gas.

First, he grabbed his solid then he gravitated to water for his liquid, but I encouraged him to think of another liquid.

The gas stumped him. He kept wondering how he could grab a gas. I asked him what’s in an empty vial. He remembered air fills the spaces that look empty.

After making our Saturday morning pancakes, We did our all-time-favorite “states of matter” experiment.


The boys worked together to complete this week’s TOPs experiment.

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