Sonlight Week E (Week 16)


Memory Verse:

I printed copies of the last two verses from our Psalm 12 printable.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys traced their verses on Monday and continued memorizing Psalm 12 throughout the week.

Christmas Lessonso:


There were a few hands-on activities to go with this lesson. I chose to do one before our Bible lesson and one after.

The Twelve Days of Christmas:

The Twelve Days of Christmas certainly is about giving and receiving! I thought it would be fun to test their memory of what was given to “his true love” and in what order.

I set out a Twelve Days of Christmas Story Sequence activity. I cut off the numbers from the cards and presented it with the sorting mat, the night before our Bible lesson. Mr. Nutcracker included a little “treat“ incentive to participate. It’s funny how willing kids can be when candy is involved!

All three kids gave their best “guess” and happily grabbed an Almond Rocha reward.

The next morning, we read The Twelve Days of Christmas and reviewed our guesses from the previous night.

More Blessed to Give:

We read about the rich young ruler and his love for money. Though he presented himself as “perfect”, Jesus saw his heart and knew he wasn’t a generous man. When presented with the challenge of “giving all he had to the poor”, he walked away from the Lord.

I set out some Christmas candies for the object lesson idea from our KOI lesson. We talked about how gratitude and contentment help prevent an unquenchable “thirst for more”.

The Bible says, “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” It’s important to think of others too! So I instructed the kids to divide the sweets. They purposely thought about each other’s favorite candy and made sure everyone was happy with the candy math result!


Our lesson on obedience focused on seeking and obeying God. We read about the shepherds who went looking for Jesus immediately after the angels announced his birth.

We also watched an episode of Minno’s Big Questions about Christmas Family Devotional. This was a wonderful devotional about the angels appearing to the shepherds.


I thought it would be fun to explore a Christmas symbol, candles. For this mini unit, I printed the Christmas Candles worksheet from our Cranberry Christmas Story Review.

First, we read How It Is Made – Wax to Candle together.

Afterwards, the boys read the history of the Christmas candle and completed the “how it’s made” sequencing at the bottom of the Cranberry Christmas worksheet.

Then we made a rose scented candle from a paraffin wax kit. We were able to make one candle then our microwave overheated and is now waiting to be serviced.

This was fun until we broke the microwave. If ever we do this again, I think the stovetop might be a better option.

We also read The Christmas Candle. This story ended too soon. It was headed in the right direction, but it left us wanting more at the end. We were a bit disappointed.

Daddy surprised us with a beautiful German Christmas candle that Bub helped assemble.

Advent Tree:

We continued adding ornaments on our Advent tree.



I created a Sugar and Spiced themed Grammar Grab Bag (GGB).

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


I printed the spelling cards, letter tiles, and spelling mat.

First, Parker thought of a great Christmas word to build.

Next, he used his spelling cards to put them in alphabetical order.

On Tuesday, Parker used his spelling cards to complete his spelling sentences.


Parker and I reviewed prepositions and prepositional phrases in his grammar lesson.

Parker completed his Gingerbread Party Decorations worksheet set.

Grammar Ace:

Since we’re studying Cranberry Christmas, I created a layout with Mr. Whiskers and his sister.

First, Parker added the sticker title page.

Next, he matched the “in a nutshell” definitions to the appropriate term.

Then he labeled the “indirect objects” in our sample sentences.

It turned out really bright and festive!


We continued to read some seasonal picture books from our shelf.


Cranberry Math:

We continued adding a few festive elements to our regular studies.

I brought out our fresh cranberries and the Cranberry Math – Build-It-Up! Worksheet from from our Cranberry Christmas Story Review.


Growing Christmas Trees:

I decided to push our TOPs experiment into the new year. Instead, we did a little more holiday science.

We read Tomie dePaola’s Christmas Tree Book.

The boys read and answered questions for “A Christmas Tree Farm Story” from our Growing Christmas Trees pack.

I found little spruce tree growing kits from Target that we planted.

I set our pots near the sunny window. We’ll see if they sprout.


Christmas Trees:

We started our last day before the holiday break with cinnamon roll Christmas trees for breakfast.

I printed the Decorate Your Own Tree worksheet from our Growing Christmas Trees pack. The kids painted the Christmas trees and we put them in a dry erase pocket.

I brought out some scented dough I found in the Target dollar bins. I divided the colored dough amongst all three kids.

The kids decorated their trees while I read aloud.

Christmas Party:

We ended our day with a fun Christmas Party. I set out some sweet treats and hot cocoa.

We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas movie.

We snacked on sweets and did an art project. It was a fun and relaxed way to end our last day.

We turned off the lights and prepared to enjoy this much needed time off! Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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