Sonlight Level E (Week 18)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse pack for John 15 and printed the first tracer for the boys to complete this week.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

The boys traced their Bible verses on Monday and practiced it everyday. They recited it at the end of the week.


Grammar Grab Bag (GGB):

I created a Winter Fun themed GGB for this week’a language arts activities.

You can purchase your copy here at our TPT Store.


I printed Parker’s spelling cards, letter tiles, and spelling mat.

First, we reviewed this week’s spelling rule.

Second, Parker thought of a word and built it on his spelling mat.

Afterwards, I set out our vowel tiles and Parker sorted them by vowel sound.

Lastly, Parker used his cards to write his spelling words by vowel sound.

The following day, Parker used his spelling cards to complete his spelling sentences.


First, we reviewed sentences during our grammar lesson.

Afterwards, parker completed both sentence worksheets.

Grammar Ace:

Since Bird Count is our new FIAR unit, I created a bird themed page layout this week.

I set out the page elements for Parker to put together.

First, Parker added the sticker title at the top of the page.

Then he matched the “in a nutshell” term to the matching definitions.

We added a few “bird phrases” to complete our bird-brained page layout.

Creative Writing:

In keeping with our bird theme, I wanted to incorporate birds into Parker’s creative writing assignment.

I picked out several bird articles for him to use in today’s grammar lesson. Parker read some of the articles and we came across a story about a pigeon used in World War I.

We read the article together and Parker fell in love with the story of Wilson, the patriotic carrier pigeon, who saved WWI soldiers.

Parker wrote his news article about Walter, the carrier pigeon, and created artwork to go with it.


We read several winter themed books this week.



Parker and I created foil ribbons fir this experiment.

Parker and I worked together to create a complete circuit so the lightbulb lit up.

Afterwards, Parker completed the follow-up questions.

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