Little Bear’s Little Boat FREEbies & Printables

Bible FREEbie:

I created a Bible Verse Printable Pack for this book.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

Language Arts:


This pack includes a set of nomenclature or 3-part vocabulary words.


There’s an uppercase and lowercase phonics card set with a set of control cards.

Tracer FREEbie:

You can download your tracer FREEbie here at our TPT Store.


Early Math Activities:

There are many early learning mathematics activities in this pack.

We created a shadow match, a complete the pattern, a sorting by size, a which one is different, and a roll-a-graph activity.


Read, Color, & Label:

We introduced a set of Read About and Color worksheets for some of the animals in this story.

Students can learn interesting facts about the Blue Heron and American Beaver while coloring these wonderful creatures.

We’ve also included label the American Beaver and Blue Heron worksheets for a deeper exploration in animal anatomy.

Living & Non—Living:

We added a wonderful Living and Non-Living sorting activity too!



We created a simple worksheet to accompany the foil boat activity in the teacher’s manual.

Kids can draw their boat, predict if it will sink or float, and write what actually happened. In addition, they can test how many pennies their boat can carry before sinking.

Float or Sink:

We also added a bonus sink or float worksheet to use any way you wish. Go for a walk, collect items from nature, and test their buoyancy. The possibilities are endless!

Habitat FREEbie:

You can download this FREEbie here from our TPT Store. This can be used with our Habitat booklet.

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