The Boxcar Children (Ch 8)

“A Swimming Pool at Last”


Character Lessons:

We’re enjoying the FIAR Bible and character lessons. We split up the remaining scripture verses over the rest of the week.

Memory Verse:

We chose to memorize Ephesians 3:18 for this chapter.


History – Bells as Signals:

Jordan read the lesson on bells used as signals throughout history.

I challenged him to record all the bells around the house. He LOVED this idea.

Being Flexible and Having Fun:

The boys have been under the weather, but they’ve also had plenty of “sleeping in” days. I believe sleep is healing, the best medicine for the virus d’jour.



Writing and Discussion Point:

Jordan expressed his desire to build a computer tower. He decided to build it on Minecraft.


How We Measure:

Distance, Time, Volume, Land, Water

After reading about how we measure in the teacher’s manual, Jordan read about the history of time measurement in the Usborne Book of Knowledge.

Food and the Calories We Burn:

We read the “Input-Output” chapter in our Food and Nutrition for Every Kid book.


Since Jordan was learning about eggs, I printed a copy of our EGGcellent Anatomy worksheet and paired it with pages about chickens and eggs in our Farm Anatomy book.

Jordan read about various chicken breeds and the types of eggs they lay.

Afterwards, Jordan color-coded the worksheet.


After reading the manual, Jordan read about four different types of dams in our Canals and Dams.

After reading, Jordan had an idea for building a dam. He grabbed some supplies and created a dam. He was pretty sick, but this project really inspired him. He worked on this engineering project for a couple of hours. I just love this curriculum!


Drawing a Scene:

Thanksgiving and Charlie Brown go hand-in-hand. One year we visited the Charles Schultz Museum during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The kids had such a fun time in the art studio. They were so little back then. This time of year, takes me back to a Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. I thought it would be fun to learn more about Charles Schultz and his Peanuts comics.

I assigned Who Was Charles Schultz? as his reader this week.

I found some Peanuts cartoon tutorials online from The Charles Schultz museum. The boys had fun creating their own Peanuts cartoons. I challenged Bub to create a scene.

Cooking – Strawberry Shortcake:

Jordan followed the recipe in the manual to make the shortcake. This is great practice following steps, because order matters.

We took a moment to discuss another culinary term, maceration. I explained how putting fruit in a sweet liquid will draw out the fruit juices.

He opted to serve the sliced strawberries “au naturale”. He realized the extra sweetness would have complimented the under sweetened shortcake. This is wonderful experience in the kitchen.

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