Sonlight Level F (Week 10)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible printable for Philippians 2:5-11.

You can download your copy here at the TPT Store.

Parker traced his Bible verse on Monday.

On Tuesday, he glued his verse in his Bible notebook. He memorized his verse and recited it early!


This week we began our study of Russia. My daughter L❤️VED this part of the Level F program. In fact, she stole some of the readers that are set in Russia. I need to retrieve them soon. 😉

I decided to study The Thanksgiving Door during the holidays. This story is about a Russian family’s first Thanksgiving in America. It pairs perfectly with our current Eastern Hemisphere unit.


I made a few changes with our read-alouds. I grabbed Peter the Great from our Sonlight core C box, because I wanted books set in Russia. I knew I wanted at least one about the story of Anastasia. Her story fascinated me as a child. I chose Anastasia, the Last Grand Duchess, Russia 1914.

I also found The Night Journey, an intriguing story about a Jewish family’s escape from Russia. It’s told from the great grandmother’s perspective to her great grand daughter. (Parent Note: As we just started reading, I came across a couple of “d words” in the dialogue, but I was able to omit them while reading aloud.)

I printed copies of the maps of Russia and I created an All About Russia worksheet for Parker to complete.

He began filling out information about Russia on his worksheet as I read aloud.



This week, we had an eclectic mix of books set in Russia as well as Thanksgiving themed stories.


The Brain:

I brought out our Usborne Human Body Sticker Book.

Parker added the stickers about the brainwe were learning about the brain.


Leaving Japan:

Since we finished Japan, my husband surprised us with a special sushi dinner.

What a wonderful way to say goodbye to Japan and hello to Russia.

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