Sonlight Level F (Week 13)


Memory Verse:

I printed verse 11, the last verse from our Philippians 2:5-11 pack.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, Parker traced his Bible verse.

On Tuesday, Parker cut and pasted his Bible verse in his Bible notebook. He practiced it and recited it from memory earlier in the week.

Character Lessons:

We continued our Kids of Integrity Christmas lessons this week.

Day 5: A Lesson in Generosity

We read about the rich young ruler and his unwillingness to share his wealth with the poor. We talked about how it’s better to give than to receive. We both agreed how wonderful it feels to give to and help others.

For fun, we were reading The Twelve Days of Christmas, because that was a “whole lot of giving”!

First, I asked Parker to complete the 12 Days of Christmas worksheet (FREEbie in Preview) to test his memory.

Once he marked his answers, we reviewed them as we read through the story. He did a great job! He was right with all twelve!

Parks added the m&ms on our Advent wreath as a symbol of generosity.

Day 6: A Lesson in Obedience

We read about Joseph and the wisemen. They listened to God’s direction and obeyed it. We talked about loving Jesus, following Him closely and obeying his direction. When we walk this way, we’re lights in this dark world.

Christmas Candles:

Being lights in this world made me think of candles. I brought out our beeswax candle making kit.

Parker rolled the wax sheets around the wick. He rolled a few more sheets until it was big enough to place in the votive glass.

I read about Christmas candles while Parker decorated the glass votive. With Crayola window markers.

Afterwards, we read Michael Faraday’s Candle Burn and learned about the science behind burning candles.

Afterwards, we brought his candle into the kitchen so he could light it.

Parker added a candle on our Advent wreath to represent obedience yo God – lights in a dark world.

Day 7: A Lesson in Cooperation

Today we read about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall. Some men guarded while others built, but everyone worked together to finish the project.

Parker and I made paper chains and had to work together to combine them. A fun way to illustrate cooperation.

Day 8: A Lesson in Kindness

Parker and I read about David showing kindness to Mephibosheth, Jonathan’s son. David never forgot the kindness Jonathan showed him during King Saul’s reign. He wanted to repay that kindness back.

Parker and I read It’s a Wonderful life, which is all about giving and receiving kindness. The book is beautiful, but it doesn’t compare to the movie.

Parks added an angel on our Advent wreath, reminding us to be angels of kindness like George Bailey.

Last week, I painted an Advent Christmas tree in the classroom. Parker decorated it with matching Advent ornaments.


Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?

Parker continued to work on his notebook while we read through our economics lessons. He actually read a several chapters of the book on his own. I love how he’s trying to take on more independent work.

Christmas in Russia:

We continued reading about Christmas in Russia.

Some of the Christmas stories are lackluster so we decided to read The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffman, the original story that Alexandre Dumas adapted for the ballet. We may pick and choose a few Christmas stories along the way.



Parker helped me update out school calendar to December.

Afterwards, he added dates, birthdays and holidays on his December calendar worksheet.

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