Sonlight Level F (Week 36)


Memory Verse:

I created a Bible verse printable for Matthew 5:1-16.

You can download your FREE copy here at our TPT Store.

On Monday, Parker traced the next two verses.

On Wednesday, he glued it in his Bible notebook.

On Thursday, he recited all 16 verses by heart.


This week, we completed a study of Antarctica.

You can purchase the growing bundle here at our TPT Store.


As we studied Antarctica, we read about frozen oceans and the creatures that live within them.

Parker and I read Usborne Look Inside Seas and Oceans.

We also read about “cold homes” as we wrapped up our Usborne Animal Homes book.

Parker completed the All About Antarctica worksheet from our growing bundle.



We read Mr.Popper’s Penguins while we were studying Antarctica.

Book Study:

This week, we finalized our study of The Little Island by reading about the ocean zones.

We read through our 3-D Explorer Oceans book, making fun ocean layer-inspired snacks and sketching various sea creatures.

It has become tradition to read Night of the Moonjellies as our last book. It’s our way of closing the school year and ushering in the summer.

Another fun tradition is our sushi dinner celebrating the kid’s hard work throughout the year. These are the memories they cherish.


Food & Nutrition:

This week we continued catching up on the experiments from our Food and Nutrition for Every Kid.

Ch 18 – Risers:

I set out our tray of ingredients. Parker worked through the steps of the experiment.

It was surprising to see the length and intensity level of the baking powder reaction.

Ch 19 – Changers:

Parker followed the steps in our experiment to make the two batches of dough.

We formed each ball of dough in a long baguette shape.

The dough with shortening broke right away. The flour and water dough stretched pretty far before breaking.

Afterwards, we reviewed the “why” behind the experiment. Flour and water create gluten which gives the dough its stretchy consistency. Adding shortening to dough enhances the flavor and texture as well as making the stretchy gluten strands short.

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