Homer Price (Ch 3)



Memory Verse:

Jordan added John 10:11 in his FIAR notebook and memorized it while rowing this chapter.


The Red Cross:

I ordered Brave Clara Barton to accompany this unit.

Telephones & Operators:

I added a clip about operators on our Homer Price playlist.

I had Jordan read Listen Up! Alexander Graham Bell’s Talking Machine for this unit.


New Tech – Labor Saving Devices:

Jordan perused through the Usborne Then and Now book to see how life has changed with labor saving devices.

Economics – Supply & Demand:

As suggested, Jordan read about supply and demand from Whatever Happened to Penny Candy.


Design Your Own Sandwich Board:

Jordan decided to make his sandwich board with our dry-erase board. He really enjoyed this assignment.

Making Doughnuts:

Jordan whipped up the yeasted dough and we wet it aside to rise. Once risen, he rolled out the dough and it yielded about two dozen donuts and donut holes.

This was the most delicious baked donut recipe I’ve ever had! They were simply delicious!

Illustrating Movement:

I brought out our Make Way for McCloskey book and thumbed through some of his illustrations, marveling at his ability to sketch movement.

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