Thanksgiving FREEBIES!

It seems like the holidays pass by quicker each year.  This Thanksgiving, we’ve created a few worksheets to liven up your language arts, reading, and math units.

First, we have a great book pairing.  We love the “Bear” books by Karma Wilson.  We chose her Thanksgiving themed Bear Says Thanks and created a seek and find the matching rhymes worksheet.  Students read through the book and find all the rhyming pairs.  Click here to grab your FREE copy.

Next, we’ve created a series of division worksheets with a unique technique based on this wonderful idea from Beth Kelly’s math packs.  Students rewrite the division equation as a multiplication equation in order to solve the problem.  This approach may reduce the math anxiety that commonly appears when introducing a new subject.  Click here to download  our division worksheets.

Lastly, we created a build-a-word activity as well as a print and color Thanksgiving themed bookmark.  Click here to download your FREE copies!

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