Sonlight Core A (Week 1)


I tried to plan out some Bible activities while reading through the Egermeier Bible.The boys did a creation coloring maze while reading through the creation story.For Noah, the boys made a rainbow cloud craft.

Language Arts

“F” is our first letter of the week.  I created a Playlist for our Core A subjects and added a couple letter of the week songs for Parker to listen to.

We did a quick letter of the week craft.  He glued pieces of construction paper together to form an uppercase “F” and decorated it with stickers with the same starting sound.He worked on his HWOT (Handwriting Without Tears) letter of the week.  First, he built the letter with his wood pieces.

Next, he wrote it on his chalkboard. Last, he wrote it in his printing workbook.
Then, I decided to make an alphabet notebook with his favorite characters.  I thought this might make his letter work more exciting!  The first entry was Star Wars, “F” is for “Fett”.

We even nibbled our way through The Box Car Children by tasting brown bread, butter, and blueberries!


We studied about the first people in our Usborne books.

We went outside to gather food as the first people did.

They made cave drawings.

Another day we made “animal skin” satchels out of brown construction paper and yarn.

At the end of the week, we made nature drawings using pigments found in the garden.

Field Trip

As suggested in the IG (Instructor’s Guide), we took a trip to the library and checked out some books.

This was a really great week!  We’re looking forward to week 2!

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