Fruits & Vegetables (Sonlight Core A – Week 4)

This week we continued our Language and Thinking lessons on good nutrition, focusing on produce.  We learned about making healthy choices, like eating more fruits and vegetables.

I set out our Montessori fruit and vegetable cardsThe Vegetables We Eat and The Fruits We Eat by Gail Gibbons along with two of our fruit & vegetable sorting bins in Learning Lane.
I set up a “My Produce Quilt” activity for Parker to work on.  I printed HomeschoolCreation’s Fruit and Vegetable Matching Cards, glued the produce name in each square, and placed the pictures in a bin so he could glue the picture with the label.

He did a really good job!  It was so colorful by the time he finished.

Before lunch, we took a walk to our garden and he picked some fruits and veggies to eat.
I ended up using the mini watermelon as a bowl with some of it’s fruit inside.
I added a few carrots, grapes, and raspberries to bulk it up a bit.  There’s nothing quite like learning about something and using your 5 senses to experience it right after!  So much fun!

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