Sonlight Core A (Week 3)


We continued reading through our Bible stories and even had a coat of many colors breakfast!

Parker listened to the “Letter C” verse from his Sing the Word CD, traced his Bible Memory using from our A-G Bible Verse Tracer pack, and glued it into his Bible notebook.


We continued learning about ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.  Parker enjoyed our ancient Egyptian inspired lunch with hummus (beans), grapes (those already disappeared off his plate), eggs (chicken, NOT duck), and bread.

We learned how the Romans decorated their floors with mosaic designs.   Parker worked on his sticky mosaic craft.

Language Arts:

Parker continued with his letter of the week activities.

He listened to the letter “M” songs I added to our Core A playlist and practiced writing in his HWOT workbook.

This week we created a M is for Mario character to add to his ABC Notebook.  This was a hit (although his face says otherwise).

I created a story basket for our reading of Three Little Bears story from our Language and Thinking book (from 2012 Sonlight’s Core A).

The next Language and Thinking reading was about nutrition, so I set out our Montessori Food Groups printable so he could match the pictures to each food group.

He also worked on a food sorting worksheet from  We listened to a few clips about nutrition from our Core A playlist.


Big brother enjoyed watching the Sick Science tornado tube clip so much, that he created his own later that week.  It took two attempts, but he stuck with it and made it work.

This turned out really cool!  It was a great activity to follow our Usborne Weather book!

Skill Builders:

This week we worked on our cutting skills.  I just used a Sharpie pen and wrote random cutting lines on a blank piece of white paper.  He used his scissors to cut each line.We also worked on a sorting activity.  I gathered various pompoms, beads, buttons, and the like and put them into our Lakeshore collage tray, set out the various collage containers around the tray, and gave him simple instructions to sort them (I left the decision of how to sort up to him).  He chose to sort by color and did a great job!

We’re looking forward to week 4!

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